How to Get Sun Direct HD connections

Sun Direct Digital HD ConnectionWith more rich, dynamic and incredibly life-like imagery in digital format, HD revolutionizes visual media the world over. What makes HD different from regular TV? It’s the resolution, or the amount of picture information conveyed to the brain through the eyes. Less bandwidth is required when you broadcast in digital because the video is in compressed format. This enables HD broadcasters to send more content for your eyes to process. Digital TV broadcast comes with two to five times more sharper image and delivers programs in a crystal clear, wide screen format with CD quality sound. Also HDTV allows you to record programmes and watch them in your own convenience, which is impossible in regular TV. With a good surround sound system to go along, your Digital HD Connection could turn your drawing room into a movie theatre!

With more than 9 Million subscribers nationwide, Sun Direct leads the digital TV revolution with many innovations. For Rs. 1990/-, now you can get a Sun Direct Digital HD Connection with set top box. With nodal offices across India, i.e. in Andhra Pradesh, Assam, Bihar, Jharkhand, Odisha, Sikkim, West Bengal, Goa, Karnataka, Kerala, Chandigarh, Delhi/NCR, Haryana, Jammu & Kashmir, Punjab, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Uttarkhand, Tamilnadu, Chattisgharh, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat and Maharashtra, you don’t have to search for a Sun Direct HD connection, it will come to your doorstep wherever you are.

Let us see what you can watch on various packages on offer. Through 100+ channels, Sun direct caters to every kind of viewer with everything from regional entertainment to Sports to English & Hindi programming. When we design our programming, we make it a point to customize it in tune with the segment of viewers it is going to cater to. There are 3 different HD packages for the four southern languages i.e. Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada and Telugu. For rest of India, Sun Direct has 2 unique HD packages. To talk about the Sun Direct HD experience, imagine watching wildlife and nature up close and personal, in vivid, rich and incredibly true-to-life colours and contrast! That’s what Discovery HD and Nat Geo HD can bring you. And for the lovers of human drama, there is Gemini HD, KTV HD and Surya TV HD. For those are into music, Sun music HD is there to lift your spirits with eye-popping imagery and ground-breaking music digital TV. Also, there are 2 HD sports channels where you can catch the action so closely that you will feel like getting caught in it! And finally, Zee Studio HD and Movies HD bring you closer to cinematic action unlike no other channel. You would actually be able to count the lines on an actor’s face while he’s enacting an emotion! Now call it high definition or hyper television, you decide.


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