Bring your TV to life with Sun Direct DTH Digital HD Connection

Why do you love Cinema? Especially watching it in the Theatre?  Is it the amazing picture quality, the impeccable sound or the big TV viewing experience?Sun Direct DTH Digital HD Connection

If you are saying yes to the first two, Sun Direct now offers the same experience at your home with their d2h HD connections.  High-definition (HD) is the top of the line, all digital formats for broadcasting and TV programming. HD broadcast comes with two to five times sharper images in a whole new television viewing experience that delivers programs in a crystal clear, wide screen format with CD quality sound.

And HD channels are not just restricted to movies! You can watch your favorite serials and shows on Sun TV HD and Sun Music HD, watch animals come to life on Discovery HD and NGC HD. Be a part of the crowd while watching your favorite game with Star Sports HD and Sony Six HD, and never miss an action sequence while watching Star Movies HD and Zee Studio HD.

What do you need for an HD Connection? We will tell you!

  • HDTV Cables – An HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface) cable is the simplest and best way to connect to your HDTV. Most HDTV’s have an HDMI connector which can be used to connect devices like your HD set-top box.
  • SUN DIRECT DTH HD SET TOP BOX – ensures that your HDTV system is receiving over the air HD signals properly accompanied by crystal clear images and DVD quality sound.
  • Surround Sound – HD broadcast offers 5.1 channel audio and 5.1-surround sound setup can bring the audio to theater like clarity.

Do you want more? All this comes at a cost of just Rs.1890 onwards!! We made it easier because all you have to do is, go to and buy a HD connection! Enjoy the best of TV Viewing Experience with Sun Direct DTH HD!


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