Top 5 Reasons Why You Need HD to Enjoy Cricket

Enjoy Cricket-with-Sun-Direct-DTH-HDThe India vs Pakistan match ended by keeping all the records intact and breaking none! There were some wonderful moments that can be watched any number of times and feel proud to be an Indian! For instance, the 100 by Virat Kohli, Misbah’s wicket, or the time when Kohli raised his hands for the crowd to cheer and everyone started chanting “Kohli! Kohli Kohli”. Though nothing can beat watching the match live with your friends, there are some moments we can relive again and again! Sun Direct DTH services in HD+ includes free recording, where you can record your matches and relive the moment or make sure you never miss one!

Sun Direct DTH lists Top 5 Reasons why you must watch Cricket in HD!

  1. Superior Clarity
    HD Channels are designed to provide pictures that are sharp and clear, with 1080 rows of pixels compared to 480 rows of pixels in standard definition. This visual treat provides a theatre-like experience with the cricket matches being shot with HD cameras to provide up scaled definition and an amazing cricket experience!
  2. 5.1 Surround Sound
    Along with HD Quality comes surround sound, with a good 5.1 audio system attached to your TV. Digital sound transmission gives you a movie theatre experience, where you feel part of the crowd with surround sound and utmost clarity of each shot and live commentary
  3. HD Channels @ Rs.100
    Sun Direct DTH provides the Sports HD Add-On channels, which has the best selection of sports channels namely Star Sports HD1&2, Sony Six HD and regional HD channels namely Sun TV HD, KTV HD and Sun Music HD at only Rs.100. Sun Direct DTH offers the best add-on dth hd packages at the lowest price to give you maximum entertainment @ minimal value.
  4. Free Recording
    With a low dth HD price and some amazing HD channels, there is an additional benefit of free recording. Schedule and record your matches, and do not worry about getting up at 3.30 a.m or 6.30 a.m to watch the cri
  5. HD Upgrade @ Rs.999
    If these 4 reasons aren’t enough to convince you, Sun Direct DTH presents an irresistible offer of upgrading your SD connection to HD+ at just Rs.999! Bringing down their prices from Rs.1790, Sun Direct DTH offers digital HD connection with an almost Rs.800 discount so that every viewer can enjoy cricket in HD!
  6. cket matches!

So what are you waiting for? Log onto and upgrade your connection today! If you already are a HD customer, enjoy superior clarity and tell your friends why Cricket in HD is the best thing to watch during this World Cup!


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