Will Online Streaming Replace TV?

A constant debate that happens every time you do a DTH recharge is if online movies and media better than watching on TV.

When it comes to TV, you have a whole set of options, right from big screen tvs to amazing clarity and dolby digital sound along with regular updates on ads, offers and discounts and many facilities such as free channels, movies and so on. But wil online tv, you have the option of choosing what to watch and what to ignore, but also on when to watch something. Online streaming also requires only wifi, broadband or 3G connection and you can watch tv wherever you go. There are many dth operators who are slowly shifting to give users the option to watch Live tv while on the go! Many DTH operators are in close competition with online streaming by introducing the record and watch facility where you can pause, rewind, forward and watch your shows at your convenience. You can also fast forward ads that you do not want to see and rewind moments that you can relive again.

So why are people afraid that online will soon become dominant? Youngsters now prefer watching films from their laptop as they are cheaper, easy to download and ad-free. There has been a competition on who watches which movie first, or which show first and this competition has lead to downloads and live streaming which is more fun and also enable conversations. By conversations, we are talking about comments that we can place while watching a video, provide upto date reviews and also check on other user ratings before you decide to watch a particular show or not.

Still, TV viewing still dominates because you get to see the real picture. You are not hassled by slow download time and can watch the movies with superior clarity and more surround sound, not to forget the fact that TV has been in all our lives for a 100 years and is definitely very difficult to duplicate or replace.

So imagining a life without TV is still not comprehensible because, people plan their rooms and furniture depending on where they want to set their TV!

Online streaming will be flourishing but can never dominate our TV viewing experience! So remember that when you buy our Multi Room Connections and enjoy watching TV this summer with Sun Direct DTH!


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