Why is DTH Service Provider Better Than Cable ?

In India, Watching television had become an integral part of everybody’s lives. We depend on it for entertainment, knowledge and communication. The broadcasting industry has seen many phenomenal changes constantly due to evolving technology. The advent of new digital technology has given people more options to select from. With the Indian economy growing fast people want more value for their money and are ready to spend for entertainment. The disposable income has been risen to never before levels. Terms which were not known to people in the Last decade in now finding strong presence in every household in the country like Digital cable , set top box, HD , DTH.

DTH service provider better than cable

Top Advantages of DTH:

If we have to compare the advantages of DTH over cable networks then the top place goes to the picture quality. The clarity of the channels that one gets with DTH is nowhere in comparison to cable operators. With the latest technological Tv’s like LCD and LED the screen are larger and wider which calls for better picture quality and this can be delivered only with DTH providers . Another advantage is that one can subscribe to channels according to personal request. If you’re a malyali living in Kolkata you don’t have to worry DTH providers will bring all your favorite malyalam channels hassle free according to the pack you choose unlike cable Tv operators. Also even if there is a power cut at the television operator’s location would affect the service. If you’re in remote hill station for your holiday or an island Direct to home service will solve your problems.


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