Easy Options to Recharge your Sun Direct DTH

Easy Recharge:
There are many easy options to recharge your sun direct DTH account. Some of the easy ways to recharge your account are detailed below. Choose any one of them for easy recharge and get nonstop viewing experience.

Call 24×7 customer care center to recharge your account
The first and the easiest step to recharge your account is to just pick up your phone and call our customer care , We have a full network of people working to service you around India. We have multiple call centers which answer your quires in your own mother tongue and resolve your solution within 48 hours. Get your d2h recharge voucher and call them or if you have problem with your account not being updated with the recharge, Sun direct promises quickest problem resolution and will resolve your issue as soon as possible.

Call the Sun Direct Customer care number. Provide the smartcard number and the 16-digit pin number your account will get recharged according to the denomination

Recharge through IVRS
The second most easiest step will be to recharge via IVRS , If you’re a customer with credit card then will be an easy option

To recharge via IVRS

  • Call 1860425 7575 to recharge over the phone.
  • Enter your customer ID to identify yourself to system.
  • Follow simple step-by-step instructions to enter your credit card /Recharge Voucher details

Credit Card

  • Enter the 16-digit card number
  • Enter 4-digit expiry date and year
  • Enter 3-digit CVV (last 3-digits on the back of your card)

Recharge Voucher

  • Enter the 16-digit Recharge Voucher number
  • On successful authentication by bank, Automatically IVRS shall read out transation details.

Axis Call & Pay on atom
If you are an Axis bank customer use this option to avail more offer and easy recharge.

Axis Call & Pay on atom
To avail the service you need to register your mobile number at any Axis Bank ATM.
Registration process – You can register in two simple steps:
Step 1: Registration at ATM

You need to register your mobile number for this service at any Axis Bank ATM.

  • Click on ‘REGISTRATIONS’ on the ATM Screen
  • Under ‘REGISTRATIONS’, click on ‘AXIS CALL & PAY ON ATOM’ to register your 10 digit mobile numbe

Step 2: Call from Axis Bank to set PIN

  • Register your mobile number at the ATM, you will receive a call for setting of the PIN.
  • You will receive a call from Axis Bank within 3-5 minutes. To set PIN, you will require entering your last 4 digit Debit card number and expiry date.
  • You can set a 6 digit PIN of your choice.

Payment process

  • Call Customer Care on 1860 425 7575
  • Confirm the details of the payment to be made and choose ‘Debit Card’ option for payment.
  • Enter your Axis Bank debit card number and your 6-digit PIN.
  • Your payment will be made successfully.

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