Why Sun Direct should be your best choice in DTH providers?

Sun Direct Digital TV OffersSun Direct DTH is one of the best DTH service providers in India and its loyal customers are proof of it. Why would anyone want to be with other providers when Sun Direct provides the same and even extra features at the same or lower prices?
Take a look at all the extravagant features that you would be entitled to if you become one of the customers of Sun Direct

4 exclusive Cinema Club and Comedy channels.

Sun Direct provides you with 4 Cinema club channels in all 4 Southern regional languages (Tamil, Telugu, Kannada and Malayalam). These channels provide you with 24×7 movies for your entertainment with no interferences. Only Sun Direct customers are provided with this wonderful opportunity. In addition you also get a comedy channel which gives you 24×7 laughter marathons.

People favourite channels at lowest price

You get packs with most of your favourite channels priced from Rs. 230. All your sports and English movie channels are also included whereas competitors charge around Rs. 280 for the same combination of channel packages.

Save on Re-connection

Unlike its competitors, Sun Direct does not charge you any fee for re-connection. Get back your connection with no additional fees. Pay only for the package you subscribe.

Free Recording

You don’t have to pay anything extra to record your favourite series or movie. Sun Direct dth provides you free recording options with all new connections. Now enjoy hassle free recording at zero extra cost.


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