Think before buying a New DTH connection

There are various things you must consider before opting for a new DTH connection. With various offers and providers in the market, it is natural to be a little confused!

Top five things to consider while opting for a DTH connection are:

  1. DTH package price and channels provided

There are different DTH providers giving you service with different packages, pricing and number of channels. The first step to buying a new DTH connection is to understand and prepare a list of channels you would like to watch. This will help you finalize what package you would want to choose from which provider. Sun Direct is one of the leading DTH service providers with the maximum number of HD channels.

  1. Type of Set Top Box

There are 3 types of Set Top Boxes- Standard Definition (SD), High Definition (HD) and 4K (Ultra HD). Key is to choose the Set Top Box based on the specification of your TV. If you own an LCD/ LED go for HD and if you have tube TVs, choose SD Box. If you have a television with 4K picture quality, book a 4K DTH connection. 4K to DTH industry is what 4G is to mobile industry. Sun Direct has 5X sharper picture clarity and 5.1 Dolby Digital sound – perfect for a great TV viewing experience!

Sun Direct DTH-Set Top Box

  1. Service

One of the foremost things to note as a consumer is the quality of service provided by the customer care department of a provider. Look for the waiting time of each service provider – the service provider with the least waiting time cares for their customers the most. While buying a DTH connection, there will be multiple requirements where customer care service is needed, from re-alignment to other account related concerns. Sun Direct DTH provider has one of the best customer care service in the market – Toll free 1800 123 7575/ 1800 103 7575, 24X7 Helpline 76010 12345

  1. Warranty

Warranty is one important factor to look for when buying a new DTH connection. There are many DTH failures in the country these days and is therefore critical to look out for proper warranty features.

  1. Long term offers

It is always advisable to look for long term packages when buying DTH connection. There are several DTH service providers who give annual packages that can help you save up to 40% annually. Sun Direct subscribers get better offers and discounts on long term subscriptions!


DTH not working: Here are few common issues and their solutions.

Upgrade Sun Direct DTH Set Top BoxDTH is a device that brings to you all your favorite channels on your TV set! The signals are sent via satellites and have replaced the age old cable connections! Sun Direct is one of the leading DTH providers in India today.

DTH services are great but can pose issues at times that can hinder your watching your favorite shows. Here are a few solutions that can help you troubleshoot DTH related issues yourself!

Check the power connection – The first thing to do if you have a DTH related issue is to check the power connection. Check if the power supply is proper or if there is any concern in the supply socket. Try plugging in the main plug to another power supply/socket.

Check if all the cables are plugged in tightly – Sometimes, DTH connections do not work due to a loose cable. Tighten each cable wire properly and check if the DTH is powering on.

Check if the weather outside is alright – DTH services can be hindered due to bad weather – heavy rains and/or a stormy weather can cause DTH related issues. All you need to do is turn the power off and wait for the weather to clear up. Try changing the channels to know if a few channels are still coming through.

Try taking out the card – In some cases, DTH services can be hampered because the card is not inserted properly. Try taking out the card completely from the DTH box and insert it again.

These are a few common issues related to your DTH connection. If you happen to face further issues with the DTH connection, find a professional from your service provider. Sun Direct is happy to help you in case of any issues in the DTH connection or service.

Check out all the latest Sun Direct offers and be ready to get surprised! All your favorite channels at prices so low – Sun Direct – The Best DTH Service Provider in India!

Enjoy the best entertainment of Odia, Bengali and Hindi Channels at the lowest rate.

Do you want to watch the best entertainment channels? We have some exciting news for you.

Here are the different Dth packages for you as per your preferred languages. Enjoy watching your favorite channel at best price.

Mega pack


The mega pack comes with 22 Bengali channels along with the popular entertainment channels like Dhoom Music, Colors, and Sony. Watch some of the best news channels like News 18 and News Time.


The Mega pack comes with 31 Hindi channels with the best entertainment channels like Zee Cinemas, Zoom, Sony Max and Star Plus.  Enjoy watching the best quality HD channels at lowest price.


The mega pack comes with 14 Odia channels along with the best entertainment channels like Colors, DD Odia and Kalinga.


The mega pack comes with different packages like SD+, HD Prime, HD Supreme and HD Ultra.

Here is the price list of different packages

  • SD+ 399 per month
  • HD prime Rs.459 per month
  • HD Supreme Rs.519 per month
  • HD Ultra Rs.579 per month.

Value Plus ROI Pack


The Value plus ROI pack comes with 18 Bengali channels along with the best entertainment channels like Dhoom Music, Sony and Zee.



The Value plus ROI pack comes with 31 Hindi channels with the best popular channels like Star Movies, UTV Bindass, Zee cinemas and Sony Wah. There are some best news channels like Zee News.



The Value plus ROI pack comes with 16 Odia channels with the best popular channels. Enjoy watching your favorite channels.

The Value plus ROI pack comes with different packages like SD+, HD prime, HD Supreme and HD Ultra.

Here is the price list of different packages.

  • SD+ 300 per month
  • HD prime Rs.360 per month
  • HD Supreme Rs.420 per month
  • HD Ultra Rs.480 per month.



Sun Direct presents to you Janam TV!!

Subscribe to Janam TV to watch all your favorite Malayalam entertainment and News updates at just Rs 10 from the channel list and add it to your monthly dth package!! Turn on to channel number 230 now!

Janam TV


Celebrate This Diwali with Exciting Offers from Sun Direct

Sun Direct is all set to make your Diwali brighter this festive season. Celebrate this Diwali with some exciting offers from Sun Direct.

Are looking for a New DTH connection?

We have some irresistible deals you can’t say a NO to.

Are looking for a new DTH connection at low price

Get a brand new DTH connection at just Rs. 749/- this Diwali.

And our Diwali surprises don’t just end here! With a new DTH connection, youalso get thee following perks.

  • Enjoy one month free economy pack subscription.
  • Exclusive New SD connection Economy pack for 1 year at just Rs.2299.
  • Super recharge Economy pack for 1 year at just Rs.1499.
  • Get New HD connection pack and HD prime package for 1 year at just Rs.2990.

This festive period, we are leaving no stone unturned to delight you!
Enjoy watching all your favorite shows and movies with High Quality DTH connection at the lowest price.

Our Diwali Dhamaka also includes:

  • Now all the Active subscribers can get SUN NEXT app for free.
  • Customers can avail free recording facility without any additional cost.
  • Enjoy watching 69 HD channels and 321 SD channels at the lowest price.
  • SD lowest monthly recharge starts from Rs.169 and HD lowest monthly recharge starts from Rs.189.

So what are you waiting for? Call us at 7601012345 to book a new DTH connection today!

Best DTH service provider for Hindi Channels

When looking out for a DTH provider, one has a plethora of options available. With so many options available in the market, choosing the right one for you can be a task. If you are confused among different options, then here are some of the qualities of the right DTH provider that will help you make a decision.

How to choose DTH service provider for Hindi Language

1. Channels available with the DTH provider:

  • The first thing you should check while you are choosing a DTH service is to look at the different channels provided by them.
  • See if they have the maximum number of channels and also affordable package prices.
  • Make sure that your entire favorite Hindi channels list, Bengali channels, Marathi channels & Tamil channels are available.
  • Also, check if your pack includes entertainment, sports, movie, music, news and other channel categories.

2. Package plans offered by the DTH Service provider.

  • Check the different Package plans offered by DTH service provide.
  • Make a study of all the plans available and choose the one which will suit the best for your family needs.
  • At Sun Direct DTH, we have different packs like Apna Pack, Sapna Pack, Mega Pack, Value Plus Pack starting from Rs.249 per month.
  • Check the plans, compare the prices and choose the best one.

3. Customer service

  • It’s important to check that your DTH Service provider has a good customer service.
  • Their customer service team should be easily reachable and approachable.
  • Make sure that your DTH service provider doesn’t take much time to resolve the issues faced by their customers.

Now that you know the various must-haves in a DTH provider, go ahead and begin with your research.