Sun Direct overtakes Tata Sky, Airtel Digital, Dish Tv & Videocon with 90+ HD channels

Sun Direct could very well be India’s next biggest DTH provider of high-definition television entertainment. Being the strong arm of the famed Sun TV Network, Sun Direct has risen to new heights after recently acquiring multiple transponders on the recently launched satellite owned by the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO).

Sun Direct-DTH-90HD-Channels

So what?
Other DTH providers also have multiple transponders on satellites. What makes Sun Direct’s venture any different?

Each transponder can be used to beam about 8 – 10 high definition channels at one time, but most DTH providers cram in as many as 16 – 20 high definition channels into a single one in order to cut on costs. This usually leads to bad load times and most of the time, loss of quality.

Sun Direct’s main objective behind buying more and more transponders is to keep the maximum 8 – 10 high definition channels in check per transponder in order to maintain the quality of the audio/video. “Only the best for the customers” is something Sun Direct strongly believes in!

The Pop to the Top:
Sun Direct was last in the DTH race among all of its competitors before the launch of the satellite according to the market research even with 5 transponders on INSAT 4B (satellite). A fire onboard the satellite in early 2010 proved even worse for the DTH provider.

Since the incident, the company has had to watch as all the big and emerging players in the DTH field like Dish TV, Tata Sky, Airtel Digital and Videocon D2h started garnering a big customer-base by offering a multitude of high definition channels. Limited by the reduction in number of transponders, Sun Direct DTH only beamed 10 high definition channel throughout, while the top player of that era – Tata Sky – provided it’s customers a mind-boggling number of 76 high definition channels.

However, with the launch of the new satellite and increased number of transponders, the situation has drastically improved for the all powerful Sun TV Network.

Sun Direct, having most of its viewers/subscribers in South India, began introducing new channels since the start of the year. In under a month, Sun Direct boasted a roster of 40 High Definition channels and didn’t stop there.

“More are coming” assured the company. We’re eagerly waiting to see if Sun Direct will leave an impact on the DTH world. Only time will tell…


How to Choose the Best DTH Packages and Prices in India

Today, a viewer is spoiled with choices when it comes to DTH services. A lot of providers are offering a whole lot of programming covering the entire gamut of entertainment. One may wonder how to choose the best DTH Packages and prices to suit his tastes, need and budget.  Taking this confusion into account, we at Sun Direct DTH have designed customizeImaged packages for every viewer group imaginable, with prices to suit every budget and requirement.

Our programming is designed to provide you maximum entertainment value, by optimizing the costs and benefits. For instance, the movie lovers can now enjoy their cinema uninterrupted through our exclusive ad-free movie services (Cinema Club) offered in 4 languages. Apart from that, we offer 4 exclusive HD services, 2 ‘Life’ channels and 1 comedy service as well. Find the complete list of special channels here: – Cinema Club in Tamil, Telugu, Kannada and Malayalam, Comedy speciality channel Chirithira, Sun Life and Sun Action, Gemini Action and Gemini Life, and finally Suriyan and Surya action.

When it comes to pricing, we’ve took pains to provide you with as much flexibility as possible. On comparison with other service providers, you see only Sun Direct gives you value for every rupee spent. With Sun Direct, you can find Single channels on a-la-carte basis, starting at Rs.8/-, add-on packs available on Monthly subscription and longer duration packs for as low as Rs.133 per month. For the sports aficionados, we’ve cinema+ sports packs starting at Rs. 1590/- which will save you 100/- per month, compared to other service providers.

By offering unique content at unbeatable prices to a variety of viewers through 100+ channels, Sun Direct becomes the nation’s premier DTH provider with more than 8 million subscribers.