Features of Sun Direct HD Plus Recorder Set Top Box

Sun Direct HD Plus Recorder Set Top BoxWith a new feature being added every other day, DTH services have now become a way of living in every neighborhood! These exclusive features are now making life easier for consumers.

One such innovation introduced by Sun Direct DTH is the HD Plus recording facility that comes along with the HD plus recorder set top box. 5 times clearer view, sharper images, Dolby digital 5.1 to give the cinema theatre effect are a few features of the HD plus recorder set top box.

Features of the HD plus recorder set top box:

High Definition recording:
Sun DTH lets you record HD channels as well as SD channels. It offers you extraordinary picture clarity which means you get to view 5 times clearer images in comparison to pictures that are telecasted through standard definition set top box. Bright colors and sharper images add to an intense TV viewing experience.

Dolby Digital Plus:
With Dolby digital 5.1 to top the icing, the Sun DTH HD plus recorder set top box provides you a cinema theatre ambience in the comfort of your living room.

Watch while you record:
Can’t pick between two of your favourite shows being aired at the same time? We have solved it for you! Enjoy one of your favourite HD shows while your set top box records another one for you.

Easy series recording:
Save yourself from the trauma of recording each and every episode of your favourite show! We will do it for you with just one click. With this easy series recording option, you can instruct your Set Top Box to record all the episodes of your favorite TV program with a single click.

Pause & Resume your live TV:
Struggling to choose between the last over of the match & an important business call is now a thing of past! Pause any of your live HD programs at any time and resume watching from wherever you stopped just with a touch of a button.

Rewinding & Fast forward now at your finger tips:
Missed an exciting catch or an epic dialogue? Fret not! You can now rewind to relive the missed part of your favourite show. Similarly, you can now fast forward to skip those boring advertisements at just the touch of a button!

VOD Services:
Sun DTH HD plus recorder set top box lets you enjoy your favourite movies on Video on Demand through Multilingual VOD services. It showcases latest movies in Tamil, Telugu and Hindi. So grab your popcorn buckets and enjoy an amazing movie experience in the comfort of your home.