Features of Sun Direct HD Plus Recorder Set Top Box

Sun Direct HD Plus Recorder Set Top BoxWith a new feature being added every other day, DTH services have now become a way of living in every neighborhood! These exclusive features are now making life easier for consumers.

One such innovation introduced by Sun Direct DTH is the HD Plus recording facility that comes along with the HD plus recorder set top box. 5 times clearer view, sharper images, Dolby digital 5.1 to give the cinema theatre effect are a few features of the HD plus recorder set top box.

Features of the HD plus recorder set top box:

High Definition recording:
Sun DTH lets you record HD channels as well as SD channels. It offers you extraordinary picture clarity which means you get to view 5 times clearer images in comparison to pictures that are telecasted through standard definition set top box. Bright colors and sharper images add to an intense TV viewing experience.

Dolby Digital Plus:
With Dolby digital 5.1 to top the icing, the Sun DTH HD plus recorder set top box provides you a cinema theatre ambience in the comfort of your living room.

Watch while you record:
Can’t pick between two of your favourite shows being aired at the same time? We have solved it for you! Enjoy one of your favourite HD shows while your set top box records another one for you.

Easy series recording:
Save yourself from the trauma of recording each and every episode of your favourite show! We will do it for you with just one click. With this easy series recording option, you can instruct your Set Top Box to record all the episodes of your favorite TV program with a single click.

Pause & Resume your live TV:
Struggling to choose between the last over of the match & an important business call is now a thing of past! Pause any of your live HD programs at any time and resume watching from wherever you stopped just with a touch of a button.

Rewinding & Fast forward now at your finger tips:
Missed an exciting catch or an epic dialogue? Fret not! You can now rewind to relive the missed part of your favourite show. Similarly, you can now fast forward to skip those boring advertisements at just the touch of a button!

VOD Services:
Sun DTH HD plus recorder set top box lets you enjoy your favourite movies on Video on Demand through Multilingual VOD services. It showcases latest movies in Tamil, Telugu and Hindi. So grab your popcorn buckets and enjoy an amazing movie experience in the comfort of your home.


Sun Direct DTH New HD Channels List

Sun Direct DTH New HD Channels ListThe world has moved on to High-Definition living! Have you? Sun Direct introduces its diverse array of High-Definition channels with up to 5 times more detail, so you can enjoy all your favorite channels in a more realistic television viewing experience – just the way they’re meant to be watched.

The new Sun Direct DTH “HD Pack” is here to provide you with cutting edge high-definition entertainment for a more intense television experience.

Below is the list of HD channels currently available with Sun Direct DTH:

Channel Name  No:    Channel ID
Pictures HD 882 &PICHD882
Star Sports Select HD2 988 SSS2HD988
FX HD 934 FXHD934
Sony ROX HD 948 ROXHD948
Mazhavil Manorama HD 856 MMTVHD856
Star World Premier HD 932 SWPHD932
Maa TV HD 828 MAAHD828
Star Sports Select HD1 987 SSS1HD987
History TV 18 HD 960 HISTHD960
Ten 1 HD 956 TN1HD956
Star Sports HD2 953 SS2HD953
Star Sports HD1 952 SS1HD952
Sony SIX HD 951 SSIXHD951
Sony ESPN HD 950 SESPHD950
Colors Infinity HD 941 CINFHD941
Animal Planet HD 934 ANPLHD934
Discovery HD 930 DISCHD930
Romedy Now HD 919 RONWHD919
Movies Now 2 HD 918 MN2HD918
Star Movies Select HD 912 SMOSHD912
Zee Studio HD 909 ZSTDHD909
Star Movies HD 907 SMOVHD907
Sony PIX HD 904 PIXHD904
Sony Le PLEX HD 902 LPLXHD902
Sony TV HD 874 SONYHD874
Star Plus HD 872 STPLHD872
Colors HD 870 CLRHD870
Asianet HD 854 ASIAHD854
Gemini TV HD 820 GEMHD820
Star Vijay HD 808 SVJYHD808
Sun Music HD 804 SNMUHD804
Sun TV HD 800 SUNHD800


Sun Direct DTH HD Set-Top Box:

Making sure that your HDTV systems is receiving isotopic HD signal, the Sun Direct DTH Set-top box displays the details on the HDTV without any loss of signal. The video stream is also accompanied by absolutely clear imagery and DVD quality sound!

Sun Direct DTH Multiple Connections Offer with Recording Facility

What if you had the power to rewind time? What if we told you that you never have miss your favourite TV show ever again? Watch favourite show even when you’re out for dinner/to see the doctor/shopping or just hanging out! How?

Introducing the new Sun Direct DTH HD PVR recording – now you can schedule and record all your favourite TV programs and not worry about being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

With this DTH connection, Sun Direct subscribers can now record and schedule High Definition or Standard Definition TV content and programs with absolutely no limit. This is achieved by the USB port utility provided in the brand-new PVR box. Users can also enjoy being able to record content from a selected channel while surfing other channels, with the user friendly ability to choose a time even up to an entire week to record future telecasts and last but not least, the ability to pause real live channels at their own convenience.

Apart from superior audio and video quality, Sun Direct DTH also offers the most recent MPEG-4 digital compression technology, which helps to increase the satellite broadcast capacity – delivering more high quality recorded content to our subscribers!

Multiple Room Connections Offer

All subscribers of Sun Direct DTH connections have the option of having up to 3 multiple DTH room connections at a discounted basic subscribers charge. These multi-room dth connections are as known as child connections and the main connection is known as the parent connection.

Activation of Multi-room DTH connection

While the parent connection comes at the standard DTH connection rates and the actual connection activation package charge, each child connection comes at a Rs. 200 discount from the DTH connection’s activation charge.

Renewals of Child Multi-room DTH Connection

Renewals of the child pack come at a discounted price which amounts to 20 percent of the actual activation rates.

Sun Direct DTH Multi-Room Product Description

  • Parent connection subscription comes with no discounted charges
  • The discounts only apply for each child connection activated
  • Discounts are non-applicable for any add-on and A-La-Carte products on both parent or child connections
  • Subscribers of new connections will be applicable for child connection
  • Renewals done for child connections will only be reflected on the parent connection
  • Order of renewals are parent first to the last child connection
  • Add-on renewals also work in the fore-mentioned order, but only after basic subscription has been renewed
  • No refund will be provided on discontinued subscriptions
  • Disconnection of the parent connection will lead to deactivation of the child connection as well.

My Sun Direct Mobile App – An Overview

Sun Direct Mobile App OverviewMy Sun Direct is an exclusive app for all Sun Direct DTH subscribers. The App enables safe and convenient transaction for recharge. The integrated model has user friendly interface which allows users to chat, know updates, offers, operate and control add-ons, a-la-carte channels etc. Subscribers can easily recharge their SMC on the move using Credit/Debit cards and Net Banking. The Mobile app is designed with the idea to empower users to have control over their DTH service in an easy and convenient way. Users also have the privilege to choose HD services in Sun Direct.

Following are the other features that the subscribers can enjoy on the app:

  • Quick recharge for self and for friends or family
  • Browse all recharge packages by product and languages
  • Customers can either select regular packages or add any add-on pack available
  • Consumers can choose individual channels with available A-La-Carte packs
  • View offers and features of Sun Direct
  • Locate nearest Sun Shine Centre

Raising complaints has become much easier with the exclusive chat facility. You can raise your complaints and grievances in mobile chat directly to our 24/7 customer care using the mobile app.

The Mobile app is quite popular among the Subscribers for its ease of use. We have more than 100,000+ thousand downloads for My Sun Direct App with 3.6 star rating.

Download the mobile App from the link below:

Login using your SMC number or Registered Mobile Number and enjoy the services.

Feel empowered with My Sun Direct Mobile App!

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Why choose Sun Direct over other DTH providers?

Sun Direct is one of the leading Sundirect-HD-offersDTH service providers in India. There are number of unique features they provide compared to that of their competitors.

Few of them are listed below:

  1. SUN DIRECT allows its subscribers to record unlimited television content (HD or SD) via USB port facility in the all-new PVR box.  This unique feature is applicable only with SunDirect without any additional cost.
  2. SunDirect also offers MP3 Audio playing and viewing of JPEG on your screen.
  3. SUN DIRECT DTH gives you 5:1 Dolby Digital Surround Sound. It offers the latest MPEG-4 digital compression technology which increases the broadcast capacity. Sun Direct DTH offers cutting edge 1080i HD quality video. This enables you to enjoy five times’ sharper picture clarity compared to normal broadcasts.
  4. The SUN DIRECT DTH network spreads across the length and breadth of the country with more than 60000+dealers, distributors and service centers. SUN DIRECT DTH is also accessible through a 24×7 Customer Care helpline that operates in 11 languages. Give a missed call to 7601012345.
  5. New and existing SunDirect Customers can avail up to 3 connections at discounted basic subscription charges. For more details: http://www.sundirect.in/whysundirect.aspx

Top 5 Reasons Why You Need HD to Enjoy Cricket

Enjoy Cricket-with-Sun-Direct-DTH-HDThe India vs Pakistan match ended by keeping all the records intact and breaking none! There were some wonderful moments that can be watched any number of times and feel proud to be an Indian! For instance, the 100 by Virat Kohli, Misbah’s wicket, or the time when Kohli raised his hands for the crowd to cheer and everyone started chanting “Kohli! Kohli Kohli”. Though nothing can beat watching the match live with your friends, there are some moments we can relive again and again! Sun Direct DTH services in HD+ includes free recording, where you can record your matches and relive the moment or make sure you never miss one!

Sun Direct DTH lists Top 5 Reasons why you must watch Cricket in HD!

  1. Superior Clarity
    HD Channels are designed to provide pictures that are sharp and clear, with 1080 rows of pixels compared to 480 rows of pixels in standard definition. This visual treat provides a theatre-like experience with the cricket matches being shot with HD cameras to provide up scaled definition and an amazing cricket experience!
  2. 5.1 Surround Sound
    Along with HD Quality comes surround sound, with a good 5.1 audio system attached to your TV. Digital sound transmission gives you a movie theatre experience, where you feel part of the crowd with surround sound and utmost clarity of each shot and live commentary
  3. HD Channels @ Rs.100
    Sun Direct DTH provides the Sports HD Add-On channels, which has the best selection of sports channels namely Star Sports HD1&2, Sony Six HD and regional HD channels namely Sun TV HD, KTV HD and Sun Music HD at only Rs.100. Sun Direct DTH offers the best add-on dth hd packages at the lowest price to give you maximum entertainment @ minimal value.
  4. Free Recording
    With a low dth HD price and some amazing HD channels, there is an additional benefit of free recording. Schedule and record your matches, and do not worry about getting up at 3.30 a.m or 6.30 a.m to watch the cri
  5. HD Upgrade @ Rs.999
    If these 4 reasons aren’t enough to convince you, Sun Direct DTH presents an irresistible offer of upgrading your SD connection to HD+ at just Rs.999! Bringing down their prices from Rs.1790, Sun Direct DTH offers digital HD connection with an almost Rs.800 discount so that every viewer can enjoy cricket in HD!
  6. cket matches!

So what are you waiting for? Log onto http://www.sundirect.in and upgrade your connection today! If you already are a HD customer, enjoy superior clarity and tell your friends why Cricket in HD is the best thing to watch during this World Cup!