Set top box (DTH) Portability in India

Set-top box portability in IndiaOne set top box is all you need to buy, whoever your DTH service provider is! Soon to come, the portable DTH Connection!

This scenario is very common in households today. Get a new service provider for your DTH connection and you have to go for a new set top box, new registration numbers and new rules and regulations.

It was the same with the mobile industry, as well some years ago! To change the service providers meant new numbers and the works! That has now changed and now, DoT (Directory of Telecommunications) has just said that set top boxes will become portable from one service provider to another. That means:

  1. No changing of set top box
  2. No changing of registration numbers
  3. The amount spent on the set top box (anything from 1700 to 2200) which is non refundable, will now be a onetime exercise!
  4. This means you can switch the service provider/cable operator with just a card change and not a set top box change.

How soon will this become possible? Well, the CDoT (Centre for Development of Telematics), under the Department of Telecommunications, has already created a sample piece to test the inter-usage among service providers. Once it proves how well portability can be achieved, the economic and commercial viability will be checked along with work ability issues across the nation.

Either way, a portable dth connection is very much in the cards now.