Sun Direct DTH Annual Pack Price for SD & HD Connection

Today Sun DTH offers a range of plans to enjoy an SD or better still a HD connection. Only Sun DTH gives a maximum variety of products and service at the best price possible.

Advantages of going for a Sun DTH connection:

  • Sun Direct DTH Annual Pack PriceThe best viewing experience. With the latest technology driving Sun DTH’s service, viewing your favorite programme becomes a fantastic experience! Just tune in and you’ll see 4 times sharper pictures, a greater range of colours, and listen to sharper, clearer sounds! It’s the closest you can come to watching in a bigger screen.
  • Get the largest collection of channels, grouped perfectly for you! Or, go ahead and choose your channels one by one, or choose a base pack and add your chosen channels to it, or…the flexibility and choice is almost endless!
Annual Pack (12Months) Price
SD Pack: Tamil, Telugu & Malayalam Economy Pack Basic 1908
SD Pack: Kannada Economy Pack Basic 2028
SD Pack: South Value Pack 2101
SD Pack: South Kushi Pack 2249
SD Pack: Cinema Plus 2600
HD Prime South Value Pack (South) 2621
HD Prime South Kushi Pack 2769
SD Pack: ROI Value Plus 2850
SD Pack: Super Value Pack 2952
HD Prime South Cinema Plus 3121
HD Supreme South Value Pack (South) 3131
SD Pack: World Pack 3204
HD Supreme South Kushi Pack 3279
HD Prime ROI VP 3371
HD Prime Super Value Pack 3472
HD Supreme South Cinema Plus 3630
HD Prime South World Pack 3724
HD Supreme ROI VP 3881
SD Pack: Mega Pack 3900
HD Supreme Super Value Pack 3982
HD Ultra South Cinema Plus 4100
HD Supreme South World Pack 4234
HD Ultra ROI VPS 4350
HD Prime MEGA 4420
HD Ultra Super Value Pack 4452
HD Ultra South World Pack 4704
HD Supreme MEGA 4930
HD Ultra MEGA 5400