Features of Sun Direct HD Plus Recorder Set Top Box

Sun Direct HD Plus Recorder Set Top BoxWith a new feature being added every other day, DTH services have now become a way of living in every neighborhood! These exclusive features are now making life easier for consumers.

One such innovation introduced by Sun Direct DTH is the HD Plus recording facility that comes along with the HD plus recorder set top box. 5 times clearer view, sharper images, Dolby digital 5.1 to give the cinema theatre effect are a few features of the HD plus recorder set top box.

Features of the HD plus recorder set top box:

High Definition recording:
Sun DTH lets you record HD channels as well as SD channels. It offers you extraordinary picture clarity which means you get to view 5 times clearer images in comparison to pictures that are telecasted through standard definition set top box. Bright colors and sharper images add to an intense TV viewing experience.

Dolby Digital Plus:
With Dolby digital 5.1 to top the icing, the Sun DTH HD plus recorder set top box provides you a cinema theatre ambience in the comfort of your living room.

Watch while you record:
Can’t pick between two of your favourite shows being aired at the same time? We have solved it for you! Enjoy one of your favourite HD shows while your set top box records another one for you.

Easy series recording:
Save yourself from the trauma of recording each and every episode of your favourite show! We will do it for you with just one click. With this easy series recording option, you can instruct your Set Top Box to record all the episodes of your favorite TV program with a single click.

Pause & Resume your live TV:
Struggling to choose between the last over of the match & an important business call is now a thing of past! Pause any of your live HD programs at any time and resume watching from wherever you stopped just with a touch of a button.

Rewinding & Fast forward now at your finger tips:
Missed an exciting catch or an epic dialogue? Fret not! You can now rewind to relive the missed part of your favourite show. Similarly, you can now fast forward to skip those boring advertisements at just the touch of a button!

VOD Services:
Sun DTH HD plus recorder set top box lets you enjoy your favourite movies on Video on Demand through Multilingual VOD services. It showcases latest movies in Tamil, Telugu and Hindi. So grab your popcorn buckets and enjoy an amazing movie experience in the comfort of your home.


High Definition experience that is 5 times higher in quality!

Gone are the days when TV watching was a simple, passive activity. Now, technology has enabled real drama, life like sound and images to enter your living room. Now, among the channel providers, Sun DTH HD offers the finest TV viewing experience you can get.

The Sun HD experience is simply like no other! And, that can be judged only when you actually see the action with your own eyes! After all, ‘seeing is believing!’


SUN HD DTH Advantages:

  • 5 times sharper and better picture quality
  • Reduction of surrounding noise. Therefore you get crystal clear, as real as it gets sound
  • Massive variety of colour. Now even the smallest shade differences in any colour will be revealed beautifully
  • Dolby Digital Sound to bring a big movie experience home
  • Now movies, sports, infotainment…all in HD channels will be that much more dramatic

You probably know that HD stands for High Definition and that all service providers offer HD packages. So what makes SUN HD so special? It’s the HEVC advantage!

What’s HEVC?

Simply put, this stands for High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC). What it does is compress massive images into transmittable sizes. This makes video streaming easier and more efficient. In simpler terms, what it does is take viewing to another level because of the incredible resolution levels it can deliver to the viewer. It allows for 4k transmission to give crystal clear, real life images and sound. All yu need to have is a HDR compatible TV set and the SUN HD DTH package that suits your viewing needs best. Then you’re ready to take your viewing to a fantastic new level.

Bring your TV to life with Sun Direct DTH Digital HD Connection

Why do you love Cinema? Especially watching it in the Theatre?  Is it the amazing picture quality, the impeccable sound or the big TV viewing experience?Sun Direct DTH Digital HD Connection

If you are saying yes to the first two, Sun Direct now offers the same experience at your home with their d2h HD connections.  High-definition (HD) is the top of the line, all digital formats for broadcasting and TV programming. HD broadcast comes with two to five times sharper images in a whole new television viewing experience that delivers programs in a crystal clear, wide screen format with CD quality sound.

And HD channels are not just restricted to movies! You can watch your favorite serials and shows on Sun TV HD and Sun Music HD, watch animals come to life on Discovery HD and NGC HD. Be a part of the crowd while watching your favorite game with Star Sports HD and Sony Six HD, and never miss an action sequence while watching Star Movies HD and Zee Studio HD.

What do you need for an HD Connection? We will tell you!

  • HDTV Cables – An HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface) cable is the simplest and best way to connect to your HDTV. Most HDTV’s have an HDMI connector which can be used to connect devices like your HD set-top box.
  • SUN DIRECT DTH HD SET TOP BOX – ensures that your HDTV system is receiving over the air HD signals properly accompanied by crystal clear images and DVD quality sound.
  • Surround Sound – HD broadcast offers 5.1 channel audio and 5.1-surround sound setup can bring the audio to theater like clarity.

Do you want more? All this comes at a cost of just Rs.1890 onwards!! We made it easier because all you have to do is, go to www.sundirect.in and buy a HD connection! Enjoy the best of TV Viewing Experience with Sun Direct DTH HD!

Watch FIFA World Cup 2014 on Sun Direct DTH HD

FIFA World Cup 2014 on Sun Direct DTH HDAs the world is getting gripped in football fever, prepare yourself to get the big picture of FIFA 2014 in full colours and high definition. That is what hd digital tv can bring you-mind boggling foot ball action in all its grandeur, right in your drawing room! And when it is on Sun direct, it won’t cost you the earth as it is our principle to bring quality entertainment at reasonable prices to every drawing room. Yes, India’s premier d2h hd service is bringing you FIFA 2014 live in full vigour in association with Sony Six, for just Rs. 39/- only!

High definition is a revolutionary technology that dramatically transforms your TV-viewing experience with more richer and dynamic content in digital format. The basic difference between High Definition and Standard Definition media is the resolution, or in simple terms, the amount of content presented before the eyes. In HD, broadcast comes with two to five times sharper images that delivers programs in a crystal clear, wide screen format with CD quality sound. Again, d2h hd lets you record those unforgettable moments of action that you may cherish forever.

Now you can switch your TV on, take a pack of snack and sit back. Let the hd technology do the wonder. Watch your drawing room turning into a football stadium thundering with roars of ecstasy, with Ronaldo, Ronaldinho and Neymar rising to their full form and performing their magic! We promise you an experience that will bowl you over. In HD dth, you will get to see every drop of sweat breaking, and every wrinkle on a tense player’s forehead. And it will enable you to witness the ball hitting the net from an unimaginably close perspective. Experience footballs like never before and feel it electrifying your senses. That’s what you get, when Sun direct teams up with Sony Six!

But, to enjoy next generation sports action in all its grandeur, you need to have some essential equipment, starting from the HDTV. In high-definition TV, you get a visual experience that is almost life-like because the 1920 X 1080 pixels resolution which closely matches the human eye’s natural scanning process. For that hyper-real HD experience, it is highly critical that your HDTV system needs to be properly connected. An HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface) cable is the simplest and best way to connect to your HDTV. Most HDTV’s have an HDMI connector which can be used to connect devices like your HD set-top box. HDM I offer crystal clear digital video and analogue audio in a single cable.

So, as the world surrenders to football fever in a hysteric mood, get yourself ready with a Sun direct HD connection. Don’t be left out when the world is catching the action live. Join the action and experience football like never before!

Want to Know More About Sun Direct HD Connections?

ImageHigh definition is the new international standard for TV broadcast the world over, elevating viewers into a whole new level with previously unimaginable levels of depth and feel. This all digital format seamlessly immerses you in the content with up to 5 times detail in wide screen format, incredibly vibrant colours, and Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound. Now you can really count the no. of wrinkles on an actor’s face and catch sporting action more precisely. Also the sound quality in hd can be considered as real as it gets.

Now Sun Direct is offering you many options in d2h HD packages, to suit every budget and requirement.  Now you can check out the best dth hd prices from Rs.1990 for standard installation with which you get a d2h and set top box with recorder. In the five options available on HD, one may choose the four south Indian languages or the rest of India package. In each language options i.e. Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam there are 3 packages to choose from and the rest of India option has 2 packages. While Discovery HD and National Geographic HD take you closer to the nature, Star Sports brings action closer to you and Z studio HD brings drama in high definition.

Now let’s see what you need to get this larger-than-life entertainment experience. The first thing you need is a HDTV. It has five times more pixels than the standard ones, bringing up the level of clarity and sharpness of images to much higher levels. This enables the viewer to pick up details like a hawk. Also, HDTV displays 1920X1080 pixels, the best picture you can get. The next thing you require for a mind blowing HD experience is an HDTV cable. The HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface) cable is the simplest and best way to connect to your HDTV. Most HDTV’s have an HDMI connector which can be used to connect devices like your HD set-top box. HDMI offers crisp, clear all-digital video and analogue audio in a single cable.

Next, the Sun Direct DTH HD Set Top Box will ensure that your HDTV system is receiving HD signals properly and the same will be displayed in the HDTV without any loss of information. And finally, you require a surround sound system as most of the HD content is recorded with cinema style digital sound. Therefore, a proper sound set up can enhance your TV viewing to movie theatre levels with earth-shattering Dolby 5.1channel digital sound.