Customizing your DTH package with Sun Direct!

Tired of calling customer care every time you want to dth recharge or customize your d2h plans? Does picking up the phone seem like such a dreadful process? Not to worry, we’ve got you covered!

Sun Direct bring you the best and most enjoyable television experience with a diverse array of channels at your disposal! Not only can you record your favourite shows for later viewing but you can also recharge and customize your DTH plans online or through the mobile app! With SD (standard definition) and HD (high definition) options, Sun direct is easily one of the top contenders of the DTH game in India!

With a platter of packages that are perfectly reasonable and affordable for all walks of life, change the way you watch TV with dth packs that cater to your every need!

Log into and get started.

How to select the best dth package for your home:

  1. Log into the Sun Direct website and click on the new connections tab
  2. Select between standard definition and high definition packages
  3. Next, select the region you’re from (eg: Tamilnadu)
  4. Select the perfect pack for you.

Packs availability and pricing: Tamil Region

  • Mega Pack: Housing some of the best movies, sports and infotainment channels. With 206+ channels at your disposal, you can obtain this pack at Rs. 1890 /month, Rs. 2390 /3months and Rs. 3090 /6 months.
  • Tamil Super Value Pack: Avail all the South Indian channels with this pack with a small addition of Hindi channels as well. Housing around 178 + channels, this pack comes at a reasonable rate of Rs. 1790 /month, Rs. 2090 /3 months and Rs. 2590 /6 months.
  • Tamil World Pack: A complete collective of all Tamil channels that includes entertainment, infotainment and sports. Housing around 173 + channels this pack is available at the reasonable price of Rs. 1790 /month, Rs. 2090 /3 months and Rs. 2690 /6 months.
  • Tamil Cinema & Sports Pack: Housing the best of tamil movie entertainment and sports, this pack containing around 168 + channels is available at the rate of Rs. 1690 /month, Rs. 1990 /3 months and Rs. 2290 /6 months.
  • Tamil Value Pack: With over 125 + channels, housing the best of Hollywood and Tollywood, this pack is available at a reasonable price of Rs. 3290 /12 months!

Sun Direct DTH – EPRS recharge steps

sundirectdthoffersHow to recharge your sundirect dth account via EPRS? Sun direct offers two suitable options to recharge your account.

Account Top Up:
Sun Direct customer cans directly top up his account from an EPRS retailer

Steps to be followed:

  • Contact your nearest EPRS recharge centre
  • Provide the smart card ID and the fixed amount to the EPRS retailer.
  • The Retailer will do the recharge through sms or through the EPRS web application.
  • The retailer will get an immediate confirmation and collect the amount from you.
  • You will get an Email when you switch on the setup box.

Purchase Your Pin:

A Sun vouchers from EPRS retailers and do the recharge himself. Direct Customer can purchase easy recharge for dth.

Steps to be followed:

  • Contact the nearest EPRS recharge centre
  • Provide the amount and quantity of the vouchers needed, to the retailer.
  • The Retailer will issue you a unique 16 digit pin no. using EPRS sms service or EPRS web application.
  • The Retailer can get up to 25 pins in a single purchase transaction.
  • A Sun Direct DTH Customer can use any of the following recharge modes to activate his account with the valid pin.
  • Call the Sun Direct Customer care number.
  • Provide the smartcard number and the 16-digit pin number
  • Your account will get recharged according to the denomination

Sun Direct offer Cinema and sports pack for DTH customers

cinema-sportspackSun Direct has upgraded the Cinema + Sports pack at a most affordable rate of Rs. 249/- per month that caters to all segments of audiences. Today Cinema plus sports from Sun Direct is the best offering in the DTH market today at this price!

The latest CINEMA + Sports pack at the most affordable rate of Rs. 249/- per month will offer 10 sports channels with other cinema and regional channels. With the pack subscribed, the viewer need not look further for sports channels and other entertainment channels. The pack includes benefits like:

  • 10 Popular sports channels  – Star sports 1, Star Sports 2, Star sports 3, Star Sports 4, Neo sports, Neo prime , Ten Sports, Ten Cricket , Ten action and DD Sports
  • Exclusive 24 hr ad free cinema channels – Tamil, Malayalam, Telugu and Kannada
  • Regional channels – Sun TV, Udaya TV, Gemini TV, Surya TV up to 96 regional channels
  • Video recording at no extra cost.

Sun Direct has always been in the forefront when it comes to customizing packages and has played a pioneering role in improving its offerings based on growing consumer demands. These offers are open to both new customers as well as existing customers. With benefits like no penalty for late recharge, free video recording facility, Sun Direct is cheaper than other DTH operators and provides great value for money.

Furthermore Sun Direct offers customers the option of chotta recharge with Denominations of Rs. 50 and Rs. 100, two-customer friendly dth recharge packs.

Easy Options to Recharge your Sun Direct DTH

Easy Recharge:
There are many easy options to recharge your sun direct DTH account. Some of the easy ways to recharge your account are detailed below. Choose any one of them for easy recharge and get nonstop viewing experience.

Call 24×7 customer care center to recharge your account
The first and the easiest step to recharge your account is to just pick up your phone and call our customer care , We have a full network of people working to service you around India. We have multiple call centers which answer your quires in your own mother tongue and resolve your solution within 48 hours. Get your d2h recharge voucher and call them or if you have problem with your account not being updated with the recharge, Sun direct promises quickest problem resolution and will resolve your issue as soon as possible.

Call the Sun Direct Customer care number. Provide the smartcard number and the 16-digit pin number your account will get recharged according to the denomination

Recharge through IVRS
The second most easiest step will be to recharge via IVRS , If you’re a customer with credit card then will be an easy option

To recharge via IVRS

  • Call 1860425 7575 to recharge over the phone.
  • Enter your customer ID to identify yourself to system.
  • Follow simple step-by-step instructions to enter your credit card /Recharge Voucher details

Credit Card

  • Enter the 16-digit card number
  • Enter 4-digit expiry date and year
  • Enter 3-digit CVV (last 3-digits on the back of your card)

Recharge Voucher

  • Enter the 16-digit Recharge Voucher number
  • On successful authentication by bank, Automatically IVRS shall read out transation details.

Axis Call & Pay on atom
If you are an Axis bank customer use this option to avail more offer and easy recharge.

Axis Call & Pay on atom
To avail the service you need to register your mobile number at any Axis Bank ATM.
Registration process – You can register in two simple steps:
Step 1: Registration at ATM

You need to register your mobile number for this service at any Axis Bank ATM.

  • Click on ‘REGISTRATIONS’ on the ATM Screen
  • Under ‘REGISTRATIONS’, click on ‘AXIS CALL & PAY ON ATOM’ to register your 10 digit mobile numbe

Step 2: Call from Axis Bank to set PIN

  • Register your mobile number at the ATM, you will receive a call for setting of the PIN.
  • You will receive a call from Axis Bank within 3-5 minutes. To set PIN, you will require entering your last 4 digit Debit card number and expiry date.
  • You can set a 6 digit PIN of your choice.

Payment process

  • Call Customer Care on 1860 425 7575
  • Confirm the details of the payment to be made and choose ‘Debit Card’ option for payment.
  • Enter your Axis Bank debit card number and your 6-digit PIN.
  • Your payment will be made successfully.

Call Sun Direct DTH Customer Care and Recharge Your Account

Call 24×7 customer care centre to recharge your dth account.



  • Tamil Nadu: 044-39407575
  • Andhra Pradesh: 040-39407575
  • Kerala: 0484-3940757
  • Karnataka: 080-39407575
  • Bihar: 0612-3940757
  • Chhattisgarh: 0771-3940757
  • Gujarat: 079-39407575
  • Delhi: 011-39407575
  • Jammu and Kashmir: 011-39407575
  • Haryana: 0184-3940757
  • Himachal Pradesh: 0177-3940757
  • Jharkhand: 0651-3940757
  • Madhya Pradesh: 0731-3940757
  • Maharastra: 022-39407575
  • Orissa: 0674-3940757
  • Punjab: 0172-3940757
  • Rajasthan: 0141-3940757
  • Uttar Pradesh: 0522-3940757
  • West Bengal: 033-39407575

Enjoy Shopping With Every Recharge and Earn an Extra Cash Back only with Sun Direct DTH

Sun Direct DTH Recharge OffersWith Diwali just a month away, it’s time for a grand shopping fiesta! This is the occasion where you start searching for boutique stores that can provide you with a Sari for your mother, Anarkali for your wife, Sherwani for your brother and the list goes on.

Now thanks to the internet, shopping from home just seems easier! You have online shopping websites that lets you try and buy the dress, if you like it! You have a secure option of purchasing a variety of clothes through just one window!

However, Diwali is not only about new clothes, fire crackers and lovely food, but also about premier movies, star interviews and celebrity game shows! The mere sight of watching a lit up sky is overwhelming, and so is watching Thala Ajith’s latest movie on TV or listening to the preview of Diwali Release Songs!

So, we are talking about two exciting things here! Buying your favorite brands and watching your favorite shows! What if we present to you all of this under one roof?

Sun Direct DTH has come up with an amazing offer to elevate your shopping as well your TV watching experience! Sun Direct DTH has joined with to give you exciting offers every time you recharge your account.

For every amount you recharge your account, you avail a Myntra Voucher for the SAME amount absolutely free! If you recharge for Rs.500, you get a Myntra Voucher with Rs.500 off on your total billing amount.

Recharge for Myntra Voucher
Rs. 250/- Get Rs. 250/- off on minimum spends of Rs. 700/-
Rs. 500/- Get Rs. 500/- off on minimum spends of Rs. 1400/-
Rs. 1000/- Get Rs. 1000/- off on minimum spends of Rs. 2800/-
Rs. 2000/- Get Rs. 2000/- off on minimum spends of Rs. 5600/-

Wow! Shopping and watching the best of channels without spending any money! What else can you ask for? Wait, there is more! Every time you recharge your account, you get an additional cash back upto Rs.125 that can be accumulated and used to recharge at a later date! It’s back to back raining offers this Diwali, only with Sun Direct DTH!

Recharge Value Cash back
 250 and above Rs.10
500 and above Rs. 25
1000 and above Rs. 55
2000 and above Rs. 125

Log onto and do an online recharge for a minimum of Rs. 250 and enjoy the benefits this season!

Quick and Easy Sun Direct DTH Recharge Online Steps

SunDirect-DTH-Recharge-OnlineWith 8+ million subscribers nationwide, sun direct becomes your first choice while considering getting a dth connection. Designed to elevate TV watching to a whole new level, our programming makes use of the latest technology to bring you a variety of content spanning from regional fare to English, Hindi and sports through 100+ channels. What makes it the most preferred choice across India? It’s because of our insight. We slips into your shoes, the customer while designing program packages and payment options. We make it a point to provide maximum entertainment value at a reasonable price.

Now that you bought a connection, you’ll be thinking of the travel and other hassles you may encounter while making the monthly payment. Yes, it can be a headache, especially if you frequently travel out of town. Now, think of dth recharge that you can do from the comfort of your living room or wherever you are. That is precisely Sun direct is now letting you do-with flexible options for making dth recharges online, through mobile or with your credit card. The secure online gateway of Sun direct lets you make dth recharges online, ridding you of unnecessary travel.

Everybody knows how the mobile phone has changed our lives for the better. And with capable smart phones, the world sits neatly in your hand, at your fingertip. If you choose to recharge using your mobile phone, we’ve an easy and secure option for you. You can now get a dth recharge through Credit card IVRS.  (Interactive voice response)

Here are the instructions:

  1. Call 1860 3000 7575 to recharge via your mobile.
  2. Enter your customer ID to be recognized by the system.
  3. Follow simple and easy step-by-step commands to enter your credit card details.

Also, by following the below mentioned steps, you can download the mobile application of our transaction processing partner ‘atom technologies’ and start recharging your SUN DIRECT account from your mobile.

  1. Download atom Application
  2. Enter your mobile number in to get a link.

Click on the link to download atom mobile application.

SMS ATOM to 54959 from your mobile.

Recharge from Mobile
Go to Services menu, choose the Utility submenu and add SUN DIRECT DTH to your home screen. Go to your home screen and choose SUN DIRECT DTH as a service and enjoy the convenience of recharging your SUN DIRECT DTH account from your mobile.

Now let’s see how the power of credit card enables you to do comfortable payments sans the hassles. Our technology partner enables you to use the credit card facility.

Here are the instructions:
Credit Card

  • Key in your 16-digit card number
  • Enter your card’s expiry date and year
  • Enter the 3-digit CVV (on the back of your card)
  • On successful verification by your bank, atom IVRS shall read out transaction details.

We expect you to join the community of Sun direct subscribers soon.