High Efficiency Video Coding – First time in India

Sun Direct is the first DTH service in India to offer High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC). HEVC also known as H.265 provides up to 50% better bandwidth compared to the existing method.


Normally, high-definition video can take a lot of data. This HEVC codec will compress the video files to nearly half its original size in the most efficient manner and decode it to the screens without leaving out any details.  Usually in the normal HD box, the compressing and decoding process may lose out minute details causing the video to lag or stutter or blur.  Thus, HEVC offers to decode every minute details attributing to colour, size, noise level etc. HEVC will ensure that there will be no compromise on the quality of the streamed video.

HEVC can be adapted and optimized to provide high efficiency transport solutions for delivering/streaming high resolution videos.

Few benefits of High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC) for the consumers:

  • Comparative increase in spatial resolution up to 7680 x 4320
  • Offers better and wide range of colors
  • Maintains high quality video streaming irrespective of the screen size
  • No problem of lag or stutter during the video streaming
  • Improved noise level
  • Supports tiling while streaming, which allows multiple encoder instances to work on the same frame simultaneously
  • Enable more streams to support more viewing per location

These HEVC boxes are available only for 5 month and above HD connections.

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Celebrating Women This Month – Top 5 Best Women Oriented Films

One of the largest DTH players in India respects women of power and presents Top 5 movies in all the regional languages that have broken records and provided a new meaning and status for Indian Women!

Anthuleni KathaAnthuleni Katha

A remake of the tamil classic “Aval Oru Thodar Kathai”, this movie marked Actress Suhasini into the Telugu film industry as she played the protagonist in the movie, which also has Kamal Haasan in a titular role. The time when all movies were male-dominated, this Balachander movie spoke about the hardships women face while supporting the family and sacrificing their life to provide a living for others.
This movie is still a much loved classic and the only film which was remade in 5 different languages and marked the foray of women-centric roles in the Indian Film Industry.


Another classic Hindi Film, which speaks of a widowed mother who raises her sons against all odds in a village that is borne by conventional methods. This film was introduced during the black and white era and created a buzz in the Hindi Film Industry with stellar performances by some of the top actresses of all time!


This modern thriller is known for its path-breaking record of having only women helm the screen throughout the movie! With amazing performances by Jyothika and an award winning performance by Tabu as the inspector and the woman seeking vengeance for her sister’s murder, this film is a note-worthy mention on how women can dominate the Indian Film Industry with their performance and not glamour!

How Old Are You

How old are you

The come-back film of Manju Warrier was loosely based on her real life and showcases the difficulties faced by a woman who sacrifices her active life to be a housewife and a mother. Manju Warrier made an amazing comeback after 7 years into the Malayalam film industry, and played a vulnerable mother who later transforms to an independent decision making woman through a series of events that take place in her family and her life.

Kappu Bilupu – KannadaKappu Bilupu

Set on an urban and rural backdrop, this kannada classic is inspired from a novel of the same name and explores the life of identical twin sisters. On one side is a docile young woman who was raised in a traditional village, while the other is a modern graduated woman who does not think twice to speak on what’s on her mind. The movie explores their lives and was mainly served as a medium to speak to the youth on the idealogy of Vivekananda and his teachings.

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