Sun Direct Mobile App can recharge your DTH instantly!

Sun DTH brings you the largest, most varied programs with over 90 channels ready for viewing. But we don’t stop with that. We try to bring in more and more television viewing conveniences whenever we can.

Sun Direct Mobile App Recharge

Have mobile, then charge, top up, change at ease!

Now wherever you are, whenever you want to, you can recharge your DTH instantly through the mobile app! Through this app, you can turn handling your television programs into the most joyful experience ever! All you have to do is download the My Sun Direct App, and recharge in just 3 simple steps!

How to recharge using SUN Direct Mobile App – 3 steps only

  • Open the app in your mobile
  • Type your smart card number or your telephone number
  • You can choose from a variety of payment options like debit/credit card or online banking through secure online gateway of Sun Direct.

The mobile app with full time advantages!

  • You can recharge anytime, anywhere
  • Avail of daily offers on recharge. Win that surprise!
  • You can change your plan within minutes
  • You can add on packs or customize your plans, whenever you want to
  • The 24 hour ad free, movie channel and the Cinema club comes at no extra cost with the Cinema plus sports package!

We’d like to remind you that Sun Direct DTH offers the largest range of channels and yet is pocket friendly and very, very customer oriented. Whatever television experiences you seek, be assured that Sun Direct DTH will provide them for you.

Customizing your DTH package with Sun Direct!

Tired of calling customer care every time you want to dth recharge or customize your d2h plans? Does picking up the phone seem like such a dreadful process? Not to worry, we’ve got you covered!

Sun Direct bring you the best and most enjoyable television experience with a diverse array of channels at your disposal! Not only can you record your favourite shows for later viewing but you can also recharge and customize your DTH plans online or through the mobile app! With SD (standard definition) and HD (high definition) options, Sun direct is easily one of the top contenders of the DTH game in India!

With a platter of packages that are perfectly reasonable and affordable for all walks of life, change the way you watch TV with dth packs that cater to your every need!

Log into and get started.

How to select the best dth package for your home:

  1. Log into the Sun Direct website and click on the new connections tab
  2. Select between standard definition and high definition packages
  3. Next, select the region you’re from (eg: Tamilnadu)
  4. Select the perfect pack for you.

Packs availability and pricing: Tamil Region

  • Mega Pack: Housing some of the best movies, sports and infotainment channels. With 206+ channels at your disposal, you can obtain this pack at Rs. 1890 /month, Rs. 2390 /3months and Rs. 3090 /6 months.
  • Tamil Super Value Pack: Avail all the South Indian channels with this pack with a small addition of Hindi channels as well. Housing around 178 + channels, this pack comes at a reasonable rate of Rs. 1790 /month, Rs. 2090 /3 months and Rs. 2590 /6 months.
  • Tamil World Pack: A complete collective of all Tamil channels that includes entertainment, infotainment and sports. Housing around 173 + channels this pack is available at the reasonable price of Rs. 1790 /month, Rs. 2090 /3 months and Rs. 2690 /6 months.
  • Tamil Cinema & Sports Pack: Housing the best of tamil movie entertainment and sports, this pack containing around 168 + channels is available at the rate of Rs. 1690 /month, Rs. 1990 /3 months and Rs. 2290 /6 months.
  • Tamil Value Pack: With over 125 + channels, housing the best of Hollywood and Tollywood, this pack is available at a reasonable price of Rs. 3290 /12 months!

Benefits to do recharge on Sun Direct Mobile App

“My Sun Direct” App

Imagine being able to recharge your DTH connection on a mobile phone! Sun Direct DTH has been taking over the digital space with its addition to the DTH family – The “My Sun Direct” app which showcases the various DTH recharge offers, DTH recharge options and also allows subscribers to access their connection details from anywhere at any time.


Sun Direct subscribers can easily top-up/DTH recharge their account on their mobile – while on the go using the “My Sun Direct” App. One can even recharge their smart card number using Credit/Debit cards and-net banking.

Following are a list of features that all Sun Direct subscribers can access on the App:

  • Quick personal DTH recharge with great offers
  • Access to all recharge packages by product or language
  • Selection of regular packages
  • Add any Add-Ons packs available
  • Individual channels with available A-La-Carte packs
  • Offers and Features of Sun Direct
  • Sun Shine Centre Store Locator

Download and experience the My Sun Direct App!

Sun Direct Recharge Packs

Sun Direct DTH service is the most preferred DTH Service in South India.  We offer packages which cater to people from all strata of society and meet their specific needs. Subscribers can choose channels of their choice and pay only for the subscribed channel.

Subscribers can choose to recharge their account on the Sun Direct website or on My Sun Direct Mobile App.

Sun Direct is also the only DTH service in India which gives the option of recording facility free of cost for all Sun Direct Subscribers.

Please find below the DTH Recharge Packs updated price list:

Region Package Tenure Existing / New PRICE in Rs. CHILD OFFER in Rs.
All India South Value Pack 13 Existing 3290 3090
All India Cinema + Sports Pack 1 Existing 1690 1490
All India Cinema + Sports Pack 3 Existing 1990 1790
All India Cinema + Sports Pack 6 Existing 2290 2090
All India Cinema + Sports Pack 13 Existing 3390 3190
All India Super Value Pack 1 New 1790 1590
All India Super Value Pack 3 Existing 2090 1890
All India Super Value Pack 6 Existing 2590 2390
South WORLD PACK 1 New 1790 1590
South WORLD PACK 3 Existing 2090 1890
South WORLD PACK 6 Existing 2690 2490
ROI ROI Value Plus  (SD & SD+) 1 New 1790
ROI ROI Value Plus  (SD & SD+) 3 New 1990
ROI ROI Value Plus  (SD & SD+) 6 New 2490
All India MEGA 1 New 1890 1690
All India MEGA 3 Existing 2390 2190
All India MEGA 6 Existing 3090 2890
All India Pick Ur Pack 1 New 1715
Upgrades SD to SD+ New 499
Upgrades SD to HD Existing 999

Recharge Packs in Sun Direct

Sun Direct dth offers the low cost packages compared to the other 7 players in India. Sun Direct DTH has most of its subscribers in the South of India.  Sun Direct guarantees value for money packages. The subscribers have the option to choose single channels on a-la-carte basis or add-on packages which have small collection of channels and packages with longer duration which has more discounts and offers.

The different dth recharge packages available in Sun Direct are:

1. Mega Pack
The Mega Pack has 200 + channels which includes Movies, Sports, Information and Entertainment. This is our Block Buster package.

2. Tamil Super Value
The Package has close to 180+ channels. This package offers all South Indian Channels with few popular Hindi channels. This mostly covers News and Entertainment.

3. Tamil World Pack
This package has close to 175+ channels. This is also known as the Multi Starrer pack with channels in Entertainment, Sports, movies and Infotainment.

4. Tamil Cinema + Sports
This Package has close to 170+ channels with selected regional and movie channels

Sun Direct DTH – EPRS recharge steps

sundirectdthoffersHow to recharge your sundirect dth account via EPRS? Sun direct offers two suitable options to recharge your account.

Account Top Up:
Sun Direct customer cans directly top up his account from an EPRS retailer

Steps to be followed:

  • Contact your nearest EPRS recharge centre
  • Provide the smart card ID and the fixed amount to the EPRS retailer.
  • The Retailer will do the recharge through sms or through the EPRS web application.
  • The retailer will get an immediate confirmation and collect the amount from you.
  • You will get an Email when you switch on the setup box.

Purchase Your Pin:

A Sun vouchers from EPRS retailers and do the recharge himself. Direct Customer can purchase easy recharge for dth.

Steps to be followed:

  • Contact the nearest EPRS recharge centre
  • Provide the amount and quantity of the vouchers needed, to the retailer.
  • The Retailer will issue you a unique 16 digit pin no. using EPRS sms service or EPRS web application.
  • The Retailer can get up to 25 pins in a single purchase transaction.
  • A Sun Direct DTH Customer can use any of the following recharge modes to activate his account with the valid pin.
  • Call the Sun Direct Customer care number.
  • Provide the smartcard number and the 16-digit pin number
  • Your account will get recharged according to the denomination

Sun Direct DTH Offers for VIVO IPL 2016 on SONY ESPN for just Rs.46

All of you have to do is recharge you account for just Rs.46 and avail the add-on to watch all your matches hassle-free on Sony ESPN. Sun Direct DTH offers a DTH recharge that you cannot refuse to make and enjoy the best of IPL cricket matches this summer!

What are the short codes for IPL add-on? How can I buy through SMS?

Short code for the IPL add-on is 46. You don’t need to send an SMS – just recharge with exact amount of 46.

In case you don’t have this voucher or if you already have balance in the account – you can send a sms: ADDON <space> <Smartcard no> < space> 46.
SONY ESPN Channel No: – 516