Sun Direct Tamil Pack A-LA-CARTE Channels

With the objective to deliver the best quality DTH services at the most economical prices, Sun Direct DTH offers a range of DTH packs that customers can choose from. To increase this choice further, a plethora of Ala- Carte channels are available to customers, which come at an attractive price.

Sun Direct DTH Tamil A-LA-CARTE Channels List, with price and the SMS code to easily subscribe to the channel.

Channel SMC CODE Price Per Month
Kalaignar Seithigal SMS ALACARTE KALSE129 TO 96000 58585 OR 58585 10
Kalaignar TV SMS ALACARTE KALTV116 TO 96000 58585 OR 58585 10
Makkal TV SMS ALACARTE MAKL119 TO 96000 58585 OR 58585 10
News 18 Tamilnadu SMS ALACARTE NE18TA130 TO 96000 58585 OR 58585 10
Vasanth TV SMS ALACARTE VASA145 TO 96000 58585 OR 58585 10
Jaya Max SMS ALACARTE JAYM127 TO 96000 58585 OR 58585 10
Jaya TV SMS ALACARTE JAYA118 TO 96000 58585 OR 58585 10
K TV SMS ALACARTE KTVA102 TO 96000 58585 OR 58585 18
Mega TV SMS ALACARTE MEGA146 TO 96000 58585 OR 58585 10
Murasu TV SMS ALACARTE MURAS144 TO 96000 58585 OR 58585 10
Namikai TV SMS ALACARTE NAMTV611 TO 96000 58585 OR 58585 10
Sai TV SMS ALACARTE SAITV615 TO 96000 58585 OR 58585 10
Sathiyam TV SMS ALACARTE SATH137 TO 96000 58585 OR 58585 10
Sun Music SMS ALACARTE SUNM104 TO 96000 58585 OR 58585 18
Sun News SMS ALACARTE SUNNEW132 TO 96000 58585 OR 58585 12
Vijay TV SMS ALACARTE VIJY124 TO 96000 58585 OR 58585 10
Sun Life SMS ALACARTE SUNLF111 TO 96000 58585 OR 58585 20
Sun TV SMS ALACARTE SUNT100 TO 96000 58585 OR 58585 25
Super TV SMS ALACARTE SUPTV148  TO 96000 58585 OR 58585 10
SVBC TV SMS ALACARTE SVBC2616 TO 96000 58585 OR 58585 10
Thanthi TV SMS ALACARTE THANTV133 TO 96000 58585 OR 58585 10
Captain TV SMS ALACARTE CAPT120 TO 96000 58585 OR 58585 10
Chutti TV SMS ALACARTE CHTV110 TO 96000 58585 OR 58585 12
Vijay Super SMS ALACARTE VIJSUP147 TO 96000 58585 OR 58585 10
Zee Tamil SMS ALACARTE ZTAM121 TO 96000 58585 OR 58585 10
Jaya Plus SMS ALACARTE JPLUS134 TO 96000 58585 OR 58585 10
Imayam TV SMS ALACARTE IMAY142 TO 96000 58585 OR 58585 10
New7 Channel SMS ALACARTE NEWS135 TO 96000 58585 OR 58585 10
Angel TV SMS ALACARTE ANGEL610 TO 96000 58585 OR 58585 10
Captain News SMS ALACARTE CAPNEW136 TO 96000 58585 OR 58585 10
Isaiaruvi channel SMS ALACARTE ISAI123 TO 96000 58585 OR 58585 10
Colors Tamil SMS ALACARTE COLTAM128 TO 96000 58585 OR 58585 18
Adithya TV SMS ALACARTE ADTV106 TO 96000 58585 OR 58585 12
Madha TV SMS ALACARTE MADHA618 TO 96000 58585 OR 58585 10
Cinema Club SMS ALACARTE CCTL162 TO 96000 58585 OR 58585 25
Travel XP Tamil SMS ALACARTE TRAXP143 TO 96000 58585 OR 58585 10
Lotus News SMS ALACARTE LOTNEW138 TO 96000 58585 OR 58585 10
Puthiya Thalaimurai SMS ALACARTE PUTH131 TO 96000 58585 OR 58585 10
Discovery Tamil SMS ALACARTE DIST541 TO 96000 58585 OR 58585 10
Naaptol TV SMS ALACARTE NT2125 TO 96000 58585 OR 58585 10


Choose your favourite Tamil channels at affordable prices and from the comfort of your home, All you need is a mobile phone and some time because, well there a lot of options to pick from. Happy Choosing!!


Features of Sun Direct HD Plus Recorder Set Top Box

Sun Direct HD Plus Recorder Set Top BoxWith a new feature being added every other day, DTH services have now become a way of living in every neighborhood! These exclusive features are now making life easier for consumers.

One such innovation introduced by Sun Direct DTH is the HD Plus recording facility that comes along with the HD plus recorder set top box. 5 times clearer view, sharper images, Dolby digital 5.1 to give the cinema theatre effect are a few features of the HD plus recorder set top box.

Features of the HD plus recorder set top box:

High Definition recording:
Sun DTH lets you record HD channels as well as SD channels. It offers you extraordinary picture clarity which means you get to view 5 times clearer images in comparison to pictures that are telecasted through standard definition set top box. Bright colors and sharper images add to an intense TV viewing experience.

Dolby Digital Plus:
With Dolby digital 5.1 to top the icing, the Sun DTH HD plus recorder set top box provides you a cinema theatre ambience in the comfort of your living room.

Watch while you record:
Can’t pick between two of your favourite shows being aired at the same time? We have solved it for you! Enjoy one of your favourite HD shows while your set top box records another one for you.

Easy series recording:
Save yourself from the trauma of recording each and every episode of your favourite show! We will do it for you with just one click. With this easy series recording option, you can instruct your Set Top Box to record all the episodes of your favorite TV program with a single click.

Pause & Resume your live TV:
Struggling to choose between the last over of the match & an important business call is now a thing of past! Pause any of your live HD programs at any time and resume watching from wherever you stopped just with a touch of a button.

Rewinding & Fast forward now at your finger tips:
Missed an exciting catch or an epic dialogue? Fret not! You can now rewind to relive the missed part of your favourite show. Similarly, you can now fast forward to skip those boring advertisements at just the touch of a button!

VOD Services:
Sun DTH HD plus recorder set top box lets you enjoy your favourite movies on Video on Demand through Multilingual VOD services. It showcases latest movies in Tamil, Telugu and Hindi. So grab your popcorn buckets and enjoy an amazing movie experience in the comfort of your home.

SUN Direct New DTH Connection Offers

Sun Direct DTH, a leading DTH service provider in the country has recently launched a great value for money offering in Tamil Nadu. A ‘Super Offer’ launched for the Festive Season. An offer that is extending the festive season for all, with more celebration and more entertainment.


With the Sun Direct DTH Super Offer, Tamil Nadu Subscribers can choose from a choice of packs, based on their need:

DTH Pack Deliverables Cost Tenure
Tamil Economy Pack – Installation Package Set Top Box + One month SD+ subscription Free! Rs. 749 1 month
Tamil Value Pack – Installation Package Set Top Box + One month SD+ subscription Free! Rs. 799 1 month
Tamil Cinema Plus Posrts Pack – Installation Package Set Top Box + One month SD+ subscription Free! Rs. 849 1 month
Tamil Mega Pack – Installation Package Set Top Box + One month SD+ subscription Free! Rs. 969 1 month


What makes this, an even more attractive offer is the customer can choose any of the basic packs in Tamil Language be it Economy Pack, Value Pack, Cinema + Sports Pack or Mega Pack and enjoy the benefits. What’s more attractive is every active Sun Direct DTH subscriber will get a free subscription of SUN NXT App for one month.

Also, existing customers who have an active Sun Direct DTH connection with packs above Cinema plus sports can access Sun NXT free.

PRESS RELEASE – ‘BrandZ’s top 50 most valuable Indian Brands’ ranks Sun Direct DTH in the 27th place.

The year 2016-2017 saw several challenges and disruptions thrown up by the government. In this scenario, with ground realities shifting by the day, only companies with very strong growth ethos and financial credentials could make their mark. One such company is the Sun TV Network, India’s largest media group with 33 TV channels that touch the lives of over 96 million households across India. Today, the network’s reach extends to 27 countries which include the USA, Canada, Europe, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand.

Sun Direct DTH continuous push towards raising technical standards, to bring up transmission finesse to international levels, while at the same time pricing its product very competitively have increased its market share considerably. Today, a rising consumer level and the people’s solid banking on Sun Direct, has enabled it to be ranked 27th in the BrandZ’s top 50 most valuable Indian Brands. A maiden entry so to speak!

Top 50 Most Valuable Indian Brands 2017

What is this ranking and why is it so important?
BrandZ is the world’s largest brand equity database. BrandZ’s massive data is collected from over 150,000 interviews for about 400 studies done around the world. The people interviewed cut across all strata and includes consumers and professionals. Today it has over 60,000 brand evaluations in over 200 categories.

The study methodology and research papers the company releases have all been highly valued by companies and industries and consumers alike.

Every year Brand Z released it list of top 50 most valuable companies based its metric called Vitality Quotient that’s respected across industries, all over the world. The ‘Vitality Quotient ‘ bases brand health on:

  • Brand purpose
  • Innovation
  • Communications
  • Brand experience and;
  • Love.

Scoring high in the above metric will stand testimony to the brand’s ability to:

  • Pull more consumer predisposition towards it
  • Encourage consumers to pay higher value for it
  • Encourage stickiness and loyalty in consumers

Sounds simple but it has been seen that these are the parameters that truly healthy companies score highest on. In fact the top 50 companies score 110 where 100 is the industry average. Thus Sun Network being ranked 27 is a testimony to the network’s constant striving to be the best.

Take some of the innovations the network has brought into its offerings. It’s the first network in India’s to offer its DTH (Direct To Home) services in Dolby Surround Sound and higher HD quality with 5 times sharper sound, images and picture clarity.

It offers a 24/7 customer care helpline and has made recharges truly easy and convenient. The fact is that Sun Network is a local player, starting off in Tamil Nadu, who has come good across the country and now delivers around the world. That it does all this without losing its personal touch has paid off in ensuring higher consumer loyalty.

Today 27th ranking in Brandz 50 most valuable companies in India is an indication that the Sun Network’s all India presence has only become stronger.


Simple Ways to Sun Direct DTH Recharge!

Online Dth Recharge
Go to and register your mobile number or ID number. Create a password for yourself and get ready to roll! You can choose the pack you want to recharge and go through the number of flexible options to choose your channel mix and pay simply through net banking or debit/credit card. Sun Direct’s payment gateway is safe and secures thus enabling to recharge wherever you’re, whenever you want to.


Mobile Recharge
Now, you can recharge on the move! Register your mobile number with Sun Direct and recharge in a jiffy! The recharge packs of Sun Direct DTH are more than just value for money. The best of TV at the best of prices!

Steps for Mobile Recharge:

First, register your mobile number –
Type RMN<space>smartcard no><space>pin number>
And send it through SMS to: 96000 5858 or 58585

Now recharging using your registered mobile number:
SMS: RCG<space>smartcard number>< space>pin number>
Send to: 96000 5858 or 58585
You’ll get all the options on your mobile, click, choose and pay through card/online gateway

For add-on purchase
SMS: ADDON<space>smartcard number>< space>pin number>
Send to: 96000 5858 or 58585

To check validity and balance
SMS: BV<space>smartcard number>< space>pin number>
Send to: 96000 5858 or 58585

Thirdly: Call and recharge: at 7601012345
Telephone our 24/7 Call Centre– We’ll help you dth recharge. Remember, helpline comes to you in 11 languages!
Any other problem, our 60000 dealer network will help you without delay!

Does Sun Direct DTH’s offer the best recharge packages for regional channels?

Sun DTH’s ethos of maximizing viewer satisfaction and minimizing costs can be best seen in the terrific dth recharge packages it offers for regional channels. Now you can recharge your Tamil/ Telugu/ Malayalam/ Kannada or go for a dynamic Rest of India (mix of Hindi and regional channels) package with a sense of joy and fairness.

The packs cover 21 genres of entertainment! From films to entertainment to news to infotainment to kids channels to music to sports! The viewer can go for specific packages or mix and match single channels on an a la carte basis. Or, just add on a pack to their regular channels. Sun DTH’s 24 hour movie channel is advertisement free and their Cinema Club comes to audiences at no extra charge in the Cinema plus Sports Package.

Sun also offers flexi-time payments. The viewers can choose to recharge every month, or once in 3/6/12 months. The viewer can do the online dth recharge or by simply downloading the app onto the mobile and doing it on the go!


So choose a SUN DTH package, available from SD+ to HD Ultra, Supreme and Prime and watch your favourite channels in the comfort of knowing that you’ve got them at the best value.

High Definition experience that is 5 times higher in quality!

Gone are the days when TV watching was a simple, passive activity. Now, technology has enabled real drama, life like sound and images to enter your living room. Now, among the channel providers, Sun DTH HD offers the finest TV viewing experience you can get.

The Sun HD experience is simply like no other! And, that can be judged only when you actually see the action with your own eyes! After all, ‘seeing is believing!’


SUN HD DTH Advantages:

  • 5 times sharper and better picture quality
  • Reduction of surrounding noise. Therefore you get crystal clear, as real as it gets sound
  • Massive variety of colour. Now even the smallest shade differences in any colour will be revealed beautifully
  • Dolby Digital Sound to bring a big movie experience home
  • Now movies, sports, infotainment…all in HD channels will be that much more dramatic

You probably know that HD stands for High Definition and that all service providers offer HD packages. So what makes SUN HD so special? It’s the HEVC advantage!

What’s HEVC?

Simply put, this stands for High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC). What it does is compress massive images into transmittable sizes. This makes video streaming easier and more efficient. In simpler terms, what it does is take viewing to another level because of the incredible resolution levels it can deliver to the viewer. It allows for 4k transmission to give crystal clear, real life images and sound. All yu need to have is a HDR compatible TV set and the SUN HD DTH package that suits your viewing needs best. Then you’re ready to take your viewing to a fantastic new level.