Sun Direct – Prime HD Recharge packages

Sun Direct DTH is a new entrant in the DTH HD space. However, they offer great value for money among the DTH HD connections as well as DTH HD recharges available in the market. Sun DTH HD connection is superior because of it uses HEVC technology which is world-class. Also, it delivers the best TV viewing experience with 5 times more clarity, vibrant colours and Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound, which is of CD quality.

To make the best quality, reach every household and affordable to all, Sun Direct DTH offers the DTH recharge package of HD Prime starting at just Rs. 310 per month. This special pack is available in all South languages – Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam & Kanada and offers a range of HD channels for the viewers to enjoy superior TV viewing experience.
A new Sun Direct HD connection can be bought for just Rs. 1990 / month.

The HD channels available in all languages are as below:


Prime HD DTH Recharge Packages for Tamil, Telugu, Kannada and Malayalam

HD Prime Tamil

Tamil Value Pack HD Prime ₹ 260/1 Month 148 + Channels
Tamil Kushi Pack HD Prime ₹ 270/1 Month 121 + Channels
Tamil Cinema + Sports HD Prime ₹ 310/1 Month 192 + Channels
Tamil Super Value HD ₹ 340/1 Month 197 + Channels
Tamil World Pack HD Prime ₹ 361/1 Month 190 + Channels
Mega Pack HD Prime ₹ 431/1 Month 221 + Channels

HD Prime Telugu

Telugu Value Pack HD Prime ₹ 260/1 Month 148 + Channels
Telugu Kushi Pack HD Prime ₹ 270/1 Month 122 + Channels
Telugu Cinema + Sports HD Prime ₹ 310/1 Month 195 + Channels
Telugu Super Value HD Prime ₹ 340/1 Month 200 + Channels
Telugu World Pack HD Prime ₹ 361/1 Month 188 + Channels
Mega Pack HD Prime ₹ 431/1 Month 221 + Channels

HD Prime Kannada

Kannada Value Pack HD Prime ₹ 260/1 Month 145 + Channels
Kannada Kushi Pack HD Prime ₹ 270/1 Month 121 + Channels
Kannada Cinema+Sports HD Prime ₹ 310/1 Month 191 + Channels
Kannada Super Value HD Prime ₹ 340/1 Month 195 + Channels
Kannada World Pack HD Prime ₹ 361/1 Month 184 + Channels
Mega Pack HD Prime ₹ 431/1 Month 221 + Channels

HD Prime Malayalam

Malayalam Value Pack HD Prime ₹ 260/1 Month 145 + Channels
Malayalam Kushi Pack HD Prime ₹ 270/1 Month 116 + Channels
Malayalam Cinema+Sports HD Prime ₹ 310/1 Month 191 + Channels
Malayalam Super Value HD Prime ₹ 340/1 Month 196 + Channels
Malayalam World Pack HD Prime ₹ 361/1 Month 184 + Channels
Mega Pack HD Prime ₹ 431/1 Month 221 + Channels

Sun Direct DTH Annual Pack Price for SD & HD Connection

Today Sun DTH offers a range of plans to enjoy an SD or better still a HD connection. Only Sun DTH gives a maximum variety of products and service at the best price possible.

Advantages of going for a Sun DTH connection:

  • Sun Direct DTH Annual Pack PriceThe best viewing experience. With the latest technology driving Sun DTH’s service, viewing your favorite programme becomes a fantastic experience! Just tune in and you’ll see 4 times sharper pictures, a greater range of colours, and listen to sharper, clearer sounds! It’s the closest you can come to watching in a bigger screen.
  • Get the largest collection of channels, grouped perfectly for you! Or, go ahead and choose your channels one by one, or choose a base pack and add your chosen channels to it, or…the flexibility and choice is almost endless!
Annual Pack (12Months) Price
SD Pack: Tamil, Telugu & Malayalam Economy Pack Basic 1908
SD Pack: Kannada Economy Pack Basic 2028
SD Pack: South Value Pack 2101
SD Pack: South Kushi Pack 2249
SD Pack: Cinema Plus 2600
HD Prime South Value Pack (South) 2621
HD Prime South Kushi Pack 2769
SD Pack: ROI Value Plus 2850
SD Pack: Super Value Pack 2952
HD Prime South Cinema Plus 3121
HD Supreme South Value Pack (South) 3131
SD Pack: World Pack 3204
HD Supreme South Kushi Pack 3279
HD Prime ROI VP 3371
HD Prime Super Value Pack 3472
HD Supreme South Cinema Plus 3630
HD Prime South World Pack 3724
HD Supreme ROI VP 3881
SD Pack: Mega Pack 3900
HD Supreme Super Value Pack 3982
HD Ultra South Cinema Plus 4100
HD Supreme South World Pack 4234
HD Ultra ROI VPS 4350
HD Prime MEGA 4420
HD Ultra Super Value Pack 4452
HD Ultra South World Pack 4704
HD Supreme MEGA 4930
HD Ultra MEGA 5400

Sun Direct DTH Packages and Price Details for SD and HD connections

For Sun DTH has created SD & HD packages that so real, so rightly priced and so infotainment and children’s channels at the lowest price in the market. Over 23 different genres of television watching experience comes to at: easy to buy! The SD+ & HD+ packages offer the best of entertainment, movie, songs, sports, infotainment and children’s’ channels at the lowest price in the market. Over 23 different genres of television watching experience comes to at:

Sun DTH Packages and Prices

Validity HD & SD Pack Details Price
1 Month SD: Tamil,Telugu & Malayalam Economy Pack Basic Rs.159
1 Month SD: Kannada Economy Pack Basic Rs.169
1 Month SD: South Value Pack Rs.209
1 Month SD: South Kushi Pack Rs.219
1 Month SD: Cinema Plus Rs.259
1 Month SD: ROI Value Pack OR HD Prime South Value Pack South for 1 Month Rs.260
1 Month HD Prime South Kushi Pack Rs.270
1 Month SD: ROI Value Plus ** OR ** Indi for Month Rs.279
1 Month SD: Super Value Pack Rs.289
1 Month SD: World Pack Rs.309
1 Month HD Prime South Cinema Plus Rs.310
1 Month HD Supreme South Value Pack South Rs.311
2 Months SD: Tamil,Telugu & Malayalam Economy Pack Basic Rs.318
1 Month HD Supreme South Kushi Pack Rs.320
1 Month HD Prime ROI VP Rs.331
2 Months SD: Kannada Economy Pack Basic Rs.338
1 Month HD Prime Super Value Pack Rs.340
1 Month HD Supreme South Cinema Plus Rs.360
1 Month HD Prime South World Pack Rs.361
1 Month SD: Mega Pack Rs.379
1 Month HD Supreme ROI VP Rs.381
1 Month HD Supreme Super Value Pack Rs.390
2 Months SD: South Value Pack Rs.404
1 Month HD Ultra South Cinema Plus Rs.409
1 Month HD Supreme South World Pack Rs.410
1 Month HD Ultra ROI VPS Rs.429
1 Month HD Prime MEGA Rs.431
1 Month HD Ultra Super Value Pack Rs.439
1 Month HD Ultra South World Pack Rs.459
1 Month HD Supreme MEGA Rs.480

Set top box (DTH) Portability in India

Set-top box portability in IndiaOne set top box is all you need to buy, whoever your DTH service provider is! Soon to come, the portable DTH Connection!

This scenario is very common in households today. Get a new service provider for your DTH connection and you have to go for a new set top box, new registration numbers and new rules and regulations.

It was the same with the mobile industry, as well some years ago! To change the service providers meant new numbers and the works! That has now changed and now, DoT (Directory of Telecommunications) has just said that set top boxes will become portable from one service provider to another. That means:

  1. No changing of set top box
  2. No changing of registration numbers
  3. The amount spent on the set top box (anything from 1700 to 2200) which is non refundable, will now be a onetime exercise!
  4. This means you can switch the service provider/cable operator with just a card change and not a set top box change.

How soon will this become possible? Well, the CDoT (Centre for Development of Telematics), under the Department of Telecommunications, has already created a sample piece to test the inter-usage among service providers. Once it proves how well portability can be achieved, the economic and commercial viability will be checked along with work ability issues across the nation.

Either way, a portable dth connection is very much in the cards now.

Sun Direct Mega HD & SD Packages Price & Channels List

The fantastic new packs for the new SD and HD connections are here! Just book your connection and enjoy over 220 channels spread over Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, English, Hindi and several regional channels too!

The facilities are several: Record your favourite program to watch again, anytime you choose with the Sun DTH’s SD + HD recording facility

Flexible packages: Sun DTH offers a bouquet of packages that suit your individual needs perfectly! You can choose al la carte channels too! Go ahead and choose now!

Now for the new connection rates:

  • SD+ 12 months @ 5290; 6 months @ 3190; 3 months @ 2490 and monthly @ 1990
  • HD+ 12 months @ 5590; 6 months @ 3290; 3 months @ 2790 and monthly @ 1990


Mega HD & SD Channels List:-

Aakash Aath Sonic Nickelodeon DD Punjabi
ABP Ananda Sony YAY PTC News
Colors Bangla Amrita TV PTC Punjabi
DD7 Bangla Asianet Zee Punjabi
Sangeet Bangla Asianet Movies DD Sports
Star Jalsha Asianet News Neo Prime
Zee Bangla Asianet Plus Neo Sports
Aastha Chirithira Sony ESPN
Sanskar TV DD4 Malayalam Sony SIX
Sri Sankara TV Flowers TV Star Sports 1
AXN Jai Hind Star Sports 2
Colors Infinity Kairali Star Sports 1 Hindi
Comedy Central Kairali People Star Sports 1 Tamil
Star World Kairali WE Sony Ten 1
HBO Kochu TV Sony Ten 2
Movies Now Malayalam Cinema Club Sony Ten 3
MNX Manorama News Adithya TV
Romedy Now Mathrubhumi News Angel TV
Sony PIX Mazhavil Manorama Captain TV
Star Movies Media One Chutti TV
WB News 18 Kerala DD5 Podhigai
Zee Café Shalom TV Discovery Tamil
Zee Studio Surya Comedy Isai Aruvi
Colors Gujarati Surya Movies Jaya Max
DD11 Girnar Surya Music Jaya Plus
TV 9 Gujarathi Surya TV Jaya TV
Colors ABP Majha Kalignar Seithigal
Life OK Colors Marathi Kalignar TV
Sony SAB DD10 Sahyadri KTV
Sony TV Star Pravah Makkal TV
Star Plus Zee Marathi MGK Naaptol Tamil
Star Utsav Zee Talkies News 7 Tamil
Zee TV 9XM News 18 Tamil Nadu
Zoom Channel V Star Vijay
Sony MAX MH1 Sun Life
Star Gold MTV Sun Music
UTV Movies VH1 Sun News
Zee Cinema Aaj Tak Sun TV
Animal Planet ABP News Tamil Cinema Club
DD Kisan BBC World Thanthi TV
Discovery CNBC TV 18 Vasanth TV
FYI TV 18 CNN Zee Tamil
History TV 18 CNN News 18 ABN Andhra Jyothi
NGC ET Now Bhakthi TV
NGC Wild India Today TV DD Saptagiri
Sony BBC Earth India TV DD8 Yadagiri
Chintu TV Mirror Now ETV Andhra Pradesh
Colors Kannada NDTV 24X7 ETV Plus
Colors Super NDTV India ETV Telugu
DD9 Chandana News X Gemini Comedy
ETV Kannada News Russia Today Gemini Life
Kannada Cinema Club Times Now Gemini Movies
Kasturi TV Wion TV Gemini Music
Public TV DD6 Oriya Gemini News
Star Suvarna Oriya TV Gemini TV
Star Suvarna Plus DD Bharati Kushi TV
Suvarna News 24×7 DD Bihar Maa Movies
TV 9 Kannada DD India Maa Music
Udaya Comedy DD Lok Sabha Naaptol Telugu
Udaya Movies DD Madhya Pradesh NTV News
Udaya Music DD News Sakshi TV
Udaya News DD North-East Star Maa
Udaya TV DD Rajasthan Subhavartha
Zee Kannada DD Rajya Sabha SVBC TV
Cartoon Network DD Urdu T News
Discovery Kids DD Uttar Pradesh Telugu Cinema Club
Disney DD1 National TV 5 Telugu News
Disney XD DD12 Kashir TV 9 Telugu News
Hungama ETV Urdu V6 News
Nickelodeon Fashion TV Zee Cinemalu
Pogo Nepal One Zee Telugu

PRESS RELEASE – ‘BrandZ’s top 50 most valuable Indian Brands’ ranks Sun Direct DTH in the 27th place.

The year 2016-2017 saw several challenges and disruptions thrown up by the government. In this scenario, with ground realities shifting by the day, only companies with very strong growth ethos and financial credentials could make their mark. One such company is the Sun TV Network, India’s largest media group with 33 TV channels that touch the lives of over 96 million households across India. Today, the network’s reach extends to 27 countries which include the USA, Canada, Europe, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand.

Sun Direct DTH continuous push towards raising technical standards, to bring up transmission finesse to international levels, while at the same time pricing its product very competitively have increased its market share considerably. Today, a rising consumer level and the people’s solid banking on Sun Direct, has enabled it to be ranked 27th in the BrandZ’s top 50 most valuable Indian Brands. A maiden entry so to speak!

Top 50 Most Valuable Indian Brands 2017

What is this ranking and why is it so important?
BrandZ is the world’s largest brand equity database. BrandZ’s massive data is collected from over 150,000 interviews for about 400 studies done around the world. The people interviewed cut across all strata and includes consumers and professionals. Today it has over 60,000 brand evaluations in over 200 categories.

The study methodology and research papers the company releases have all been highly valued by companies and industries and consumers alike.

Every year Brand Z released it list of top 50 most valuable companies based its metric called Vitality Quotient that’s respected across industries, all over the world. The ‘Vitality Quotient ‘ bases brand health on:

  • Brand purpose
  • Innovation
  • Communications
  • Brand experience and;
  • Love.

Scoring high in the above metric will stand testimony to the brand’s ability to:

  • Pull more consumer predisposition towards it
  • Encourage consumers to pay higher value for it
  • Encourage stickiness and loyalty in consumers

Sounds simple but it has been seen that these are the parameters that truly healthy companies score highest on. In fact the top 50 companies score 110 where 100 is the industry average. Thus Sun Network being ranked 27 is a testimony to the network’s constant striving to be the best.

Take some of the innovations the network has brought into its offerings. It’s the first network in India’s to offer its DTH (Direct To Home) services in Dolby Surround Sound and higher HD quality with 5 times sharper sound, images and picture clarity.

It offers a 24/7 customer care helpline and has made recharges truly easy and convenient. The fact is that Sun Network is a local player, starting off in Tamil Nadu, who has come good across the country and now delivers around the world. That it does all this without losing its personal touch has paid off in ensuring higher consumer loyalty.

Today 27th ranking in Brandz 50 most valuable companies in India is an indication that the Sun Network’s all India presence has only become stronger.


The HD packages straight out of your dreams.

Yes! The Sun Direct DTH HD packages are among the best value for money across India. But that’s just the beginning. The fact is Sun Direct HD experience is simply 5 times better than any you can find.

Sun Direct DTH New-HD packages

5.1 Dolby Surround Sound gives you an experience of being inside a theatre. The latest technology gives you crustal clear images, so sharp you can see the finer lines clearly. It gives you an incredible range of colours, more than any other HD experience! Not just range of colours but colours at their natural best! This is complemented by the way all extra sound is cut off and you get to her the sharpest sounds and disturbance free dialogues. All the more to enjoy your favourite programmes!

Sun offers you a range of the popular and most popular channels available. All inside your living room! Not just one connection but Sun offers you a connection package that’s so convenient and easy to get.

Pricing: The pricing is absolute value for money! Take a look at the rates Sun HD channels come in, look at the quality you see them in and you’ll understand why this is called the Value Packs!

So book your Sun DTH HD channels right now. DTH Recharge are so easy now! You can recharge them online, or just through your mobile! Go ahead; choose your HD package now!




Tenure (Months)























































SD Packs


Product Name