High Efficiency Video Coding – First time in India

Sun Direct is the first DTH service in India to offer High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC). HEVC also known as H.265 provides up to 50% better bandwidth compared to the existing method.


Normally, high-definition video can take a lot of data. This HEVC codec will compress the video files to nearly half its original size in the most efficient manner and decode it to the screens without leaving out any details.  Usually in the normal HD box, the compressing and decoding process may lose out minute details causing the video to lag or stutter or blur.  Thus, HEVC offers to decode every minute details attributing to colour, size, noise level etc. HEVC will ensure that there will be no compromise on the quality of the streamed video.

HEVC can be adapted and optimized to provide high efficiency transport solutions for delivering/streaming high resolution videos.

Few benefits of High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC) for the consumers:

  • Comparative increase in spatial resolution up to 7680 x 4320
  • Offers better and wide range of colors
  • Maintains high quality video streaming irrespective of the screen size
  • No problem of lag or stutter during the video streaming
  • Improved noise level
  • Supports tiling while streaming, which allows multiple encoder instances to work on the same frame simultaneously
  • Enable more streams to support more viewing per location

These HEVC boxes are available only for 5 month and above HD connections.

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Sun Direct – The First DTH in India with HEVC!!

The High Efficiency Video coding is a successor to the Advanced Video Coding (AVC) also known as H.264, this is also one of the compression scheme used by Blu-ray.

Now with Sun Direct DTH introducing  HEVC, they will offer the same level of picture quality as AVC, but with better compression in less data.

Do you want to know how it works?

There is a large amount of raw data that comes out of a professional HD camera. Transferring such massive data to home TV is not possible so, these videos are generally compressed and transferred to a much simpler and manageable form.  The idea is to reduce the massive amount of data to manageable form. Here we are dealing with better and smarter compression without compromising on the Quality of the video.

Sun Direct is the first DTH in India with HEVC!!

The HEVC box is exclusively available only for 5 months and above new HD connections.

Below is the list of other advantages for using the Sun Direct HEVC box:

HEVC-02 (3).png

Sun Direct Mobile App

It’s been a year since Sun Direct DTH has launched their own Mobile App. The Mobile app has become more convenient than ever.  The apps have taken over the usage of the website and other social network. Everything is controlled by the mobile device in your hand. Everyone and everywhere people carry the world in their hands. Sun Direct has also developed a very integrated model offering all the necessary functionalities in their app.

Customers need not search for their service stations, giving missed calls, emailing, complaining, Social Network request all this can be avoided.  Mobile App is a best solution for this hassle process.  No one like to listen to the computer which is directing us to type number to reach the actual customer care person.


Following are the services and advantages the Mobile app has over other things:

  • Raise complain
  • Recharge
  • Change packs
  • Choose a- la- carte channels
  • Chat with customer care

All the above mentioned tasks can be done individually without the help of any other modes of communication. Mobile App is all you need for a one point solution to your problems.

You can download the app in Android/Mac/Windows phone. The App is compatible with all the platforms. Keep everything in your control without depending on others for the dth services from Sun Direct.

Recharge Packs in Sun Direct

Sun Direct dth offers the low cost packages compared to the other 7 players in India. Sun Direct DTH has most of its subscribers in the South of India.  Sun Direct guarantees value for money packages. The subscribers have the option to choose single channels on a-la-carte basis or add-on packages which have small collection of channels and packages with longer duration which has more discounts and offers.

The different dth recharge packages available in Sun Direct are:

1. Mega Pack
The Mega Pack has 200 + channels which includes Movies, Sports, Information and Entertainment. This is our Block Buster package.

2. Tamil Super Value
The Package has close to 180+ channels. This package offers all South Indian Channels with few popular Hindi channels. This mostly covers News and Entertainment.

3. Tamil World Pack
This package has close to 175+ channels. This is also known as the Multi Starrer pack with channels in Entertainment, Sports, movies and Infotainment.

4. Tamil Cinema + Sports
This Package has close to 170+ channels with selected regional and movie channels

Customer Service @ Sun Direct

Customer Service - Sun DirectSun Direct is one among the top seven DTH providers in India. Unlike others Sun Direct dth offers an excellent customer service. The service complaints are closed within 48 hours of complaint. Sun Direct is the first Tamil HD channel provider among others in India.

As told earlier, Sun Direct guarantees service within 48 hrs of complaint to all of its customers.

Customer Complaints are registered through different modes of communication like

There are other online complaint boards where complaints can be registered.

The customer care team of Sun Direct is way more active and service oriented than other DTH providers in India. Queries on recharge, packages, service issues, addition of new channels etc will be answered promptly and raised to the concerned team for immediate resolution of the complaint.

The Customer Care team works 24/7, round the clock and the helpline numbers operates in more than 11 different languages across India.

Their staffs are trained to provide you the best possible customer service. They take responsibility for installing and servicing the hardware in every subscriber’s home ensuring proper transmission and ensuing highest level of quality.

Get a Sun Direct D2H connection and enjoy the best customer service in the country.

Sun Direct Recharge packs for Ramzan Season

ramdazanSun Direct DTH, one of the best DTH providers in India has come up with some reduced traiffs for the Ramzan season.  They have packages available for from one month to 12 months. This gives the customers a wide range of options to select the best suited package for their home. This change will be applicable all over India.

Kindly refer below for details on the dth recharge package

RENEWALS New prices
Product  Tenure (Months) PARENT  CHILD 


Economy 2 295
Economy 3 445
Economy 6 880
Economy 12 1750
Value pack 1 199 159
Value pack 2 385 308
Value pack 3 550 440
Value pack 6 1050 840
Value pack 12 2000 1599
Kushi 1 209 167
Kushi 3 590 472
Kushi 6 1149 918
Kushi 12 2149 1719
Cinema plus 1 249 198
Cinema plus 2 485 388
Cinema plus 3 700 559
Cinema plus 6 1350 1081
Cinema plus 12 2500 2000
Super value pack 1 279 223
Super value pack 2 535 428
Super value pack 3 775 620
Super value pack 6 1500 1200
Super value pack 12 2850 2280
WORLD PACK 1 299 239
WORLD PACK 3 850 680
WORLD PACK 6 1600 1280
WORLD PACK 12 3100 2480
India 1 279
Value 1 260
Value Plus 1 279
Value Plus 3 775
Value Plus 6 1500
Value Plus 12 2850
MEGA 1 379 303
MEGA 3 1060 848
MEGA 6 2050 1640
MEGA 12 3900 3120

Why choose Sun Direct over other DTH providers?

Sun Direct is one of the leading Sundirect-HD-offersDTH service providers in India. There are number of unique features they provide compared to that of their competitors.

Few of them are listed below:

  1. SUN DIRECT allows its subscribers to record unlimited television content (HD or SD) via USB port facility in the all-new PVR box.  This unique feature is applicable only with SunDirect without any additional cost.
  2. SunDirect also offers MP3 Audio playing and viewing of JPEG on your screen.
  3. SUN DIRECT DTH gives you 5:1 Dolby Digital Surround Sound. It offers the latest MPEG-4 digital compression technology which increases the broadcast capacity. Sun Direct DTH offers cutting edge 1080i HD quality video. This enables you to enjoy five times’ sharper picture clarity compared to normal broadcasts.
  4. The SUN DIRECT DTH network spreads across the length and breadth of the country with more than 60000+dealers, distributors and service centers. SUN DIRECT DTH is also accessible through a 24×7 Customer Care helpline that operates in 11 languages. Give a missed call to 7601012345.
  5. New and existing SunDirect Customers can avail up to 3 connections at discounted basic subscription charges. For more details: http://www.sundirect.in/whysundirect.aspx