24/7 Customer service – My Sun Direct

Sun Direct offers unparallel services when it comes to taking care of its subscribers.  Customer satisfaction has been the key element of success for Sun Direct to become the No: 1 DTH service in South India and the most preferred DTH service in India.


The main aim of customer service in Sun Direct DTH is to enhance the customer experience and transform the customer into loyal brand ambassadors.  The customers are smart and always tend to compare services with other brands. But, Sun Direct has an edge over other DTH brands in the market. Sun Direct offers five advantages and delivers exclusive services when compared to other DTH service. These advantages will be shared in our next blog.
Subscribers can reach us through these convenient modes. They are:

•    24/7 helpline number: 76010 12345
•    Toll free number: 1800 123 7575
•    My Sun Direct Mobile App – Chat Facility
•    Sunshine Service Centers are located in 350+ locations
•    Facebook(SUNDIRECTIndia) and Twitter(SUNDIRECTIndia) accounts
•    Email: customercare@sundirect.in

The customer care team in the helpline numbers operates in more than 11 different regional languages. The DTH Customer care team works round the clock and strives to achieve the best of services in the sector.

Every query or complaint is guaranteed to be solved within 48 hours.  In 2015, Sun Direct was recognized by Akosha as one of the Top 10 professionals for Customer service in India.

How to buy a new DTH HD Connection?

buy-new-dth-hd-connectionBuy a new DTH connection this season to avail the best offers in Sun Direct. It is just a missed call away to get a new Sun Direct Connection. Sun Direct is the No:1 DTH service in South India with more number of regional channels and is available in the most remote places of the country.

Get a new Sun Direct DTH connection by following these simple steps:

  1. Call the toll free number 1800 123 7575 (or)
  2. Give a missed call to 70940 12345 (or)
  3. Reach out on Facebook or Twitter (or)
  4. Visit the Website (or)
  5. Visit the nearest Sunshine Center

The customer care team would revert to your request within 48 hours and install the set-top box at your convenient time. The customer care team is also available for your queries/complaints at any given time of the day.

Sun Direct DTH offers 4 exclusive Cinema Club channels and Comedy channels. Such exclusive channels are not offered by other DTH service. Sun Direct also offers popular Sports & Cinema Channels at the best price of Rs 249.

Sun Direct is one of the premium DTH services in India which offers recording facility free of cost whereas most of the other DTH services offer it at Rs.30 per month.

New connection is available for both Standard Definition and High Definition. Subscribers are free to choose whichever is best suited for them. The new connection can be taken under different packages based on the regional language like Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam and Rest of India.

To know more on the product updates follow us on Sun Direct Facebook and Sun Direct Twitter.

Sun Direct DTH HD Packs @ reasonable prices

sundirect-dth-hd-package-price-listSun Direct India offers high value HD packages for its customers at a reasonable price. Sun Direct is one of the most preferred DTH services in South India for this very same reason.

Recently, Sun Direct introduced the HEVC box for its new HD customers who have bought a package for 5 months and above.

HEVC is anadvanced technology in the HD platform and Sun Direct is the only DTH service in India to provide HEVC service.

Please find below the revised HD Recharge Packs Price list:

Region Product Existing/ New Tenure (Months) Price(Rs.)
South Super Value / World pack Existing 3 2540
South Mega pack Existing 3 2640
South Super Value / World pack Existing 5 2940
ROI Value Plus pack Existing 5 2940
South Mega pack Existing 5 3090
South Value pack Existing 12 3890
South Cinema+ Sports Existing 12 3990
South Super value  /World pack Existing 12 4490
South Mega pack Existing 12 4990

To know more about our offers and updates, please follow us on Sun Direct Facebook and Sun Direct Twitter.

Simplest & Fastest way to do an Online Recharge – Mobile App

Sun Direct Mobile App is a customer friendly mobile app with a convenient and simple user interface. The six month old app already has over 100,000+ downloads. This number speaks volumes about the convenience offered by the Sun Direct DTH to its customers.

There are many features and benefits in the Sun Direct Mobile App. However, one of the most important features of the mobile app is the recharge facility.  Now, you need not wait till the last minute to recharge and search for methods to recharge.

Steps to Online DTH recharge using Mobile app:

  • Step 1 – Download mobile app


  • Step 2 – Register with your SMC or Mobile number


  • Step 3 – Select the Recharge feature in the app


  • Step 4 – Choose to recharge from the available packs/offers


  • Step 5 – Pay the amount through Mobile banking and enjoy Sun Direct DTH without any hassle

Thus, recharging via mobile app is the simplest and the fastest way to recharge Sun Direct DTH.

Subscribers can also choose the ala-a-carte channels, add ons or change their dth packages from the existing plan using the mobile app.

Celebrate This Diwali with Exiciting Offers From Sun Direct – 2016

Chennai, October 2016: Sun Direct the no. 1 DTH operator in South India leaves no opportunity to make every occasion even more joyous for its customers. This festive season, Sun Direct is all set to celebrate with its new and existing customers by offering them some extremely delightful offers. Providing the most economic connection and exciting channel packs, Sun Direct has the best of features for its customers in Tamil Nadu.
4Languages-14x19 Poster
This Diwali, Sun Direct DTH offers an enticing Cinema Plus Sports Pack – One of the best pack available in the industry with most category of channels specifically sports, English entertainments & full time Cinema channels along with other regional channels.

The big plus here being that no other DTH operator has such a mix of channels that Sun Direct has to offer through cinema plus sports pack priced at Rs 249/-   that comprises 10 Sports channels, which are a huge attraction in the package. It is the most economical sports pack on any DTH platform with features such as:

  • 10 Popular sports channels – Star sports 1, Star Sports 2, Star sports 3, Star Sports 4, Neo sports, Neo prime , DD Sports ,the best offering on any DTH.
  • Exclusive 24 hr ad free cinema channels – Tamil, Malayalam, Telugu and Kannada
  • Save up to Rs.100 per month by choosing Sun Direct connection
  • Customers can avail free video recording facility without any additional cost.

Commenting on this festive offer, spokesperson for Sun Direct said, “In this festive period, we wish to delight our viewers with more channels, more entertainment & continue to offer great value through our new offerings. So, this Diwali we are glad to bring to our customers yet another interesting package and offer nothing but the best with complete value for money.”

In another first, Sun Direct has launched the HEVC High Definition, the first operator in the country to do so; HEVC is latest technology which increases the quality of picture in High Definition.

Sun Direct is the only DTH player that has above 350 Sunshine Service Centers across South India. Recently, Sun Direct has also introduced the one number solution – 76010 12345 which is a 24 x 7 helpline to have queries addressed in less than 48 hours.

Sun Direct Recharge Packs

Sun Direct DTH service is the most preferred DTH Service in South India.  We offer packages which cater to people from all strata of society and meet their specific needs. Subscribers can choose channels of their choice and pay only for the subscribed channel.

Subscribers can choose to recharge their account on the Sun Direct website or on My Sun Direct Mobile App.

Sun Direct is also the only DTH service in India which gives the option of recording facility free of cost for all Sun Direct Subscribers.

Please find below the DTH Recharge Packs updated price list:

Region Package Tenure Existing / New PRICE in Rs. CHILD OFFER in Rs.
All India South Value Pack 13 Existing 3290 3090
All India Cinema + Sports Pack 1 Existing 1690 1490
All India Cinema + Sports Pack 3 Existing 1990 1790
All India Cinema + Sports Pack 6 Existing 2290 2090
All India Cinema + Sports Pack 13 Existing 3390 3190
All India Super Value Pack 1 New 1790 1590
All India Super Value Pack 3 Existing 2090 1890
All India Super Value Pack 6 Existing 2590 2390
South WORLD PACK 1 New 1790 1590
South WORLD PACK 3 Existing 2090 1890
South WORLD PACK 6 Existing 2690 2490
ROI ROI Value Plus  (SD & SD+) 1 New 1790
ROI ROI Value Plus  (SD & SD+) 3 New 1990
ROI ROI Value Plus  (SD & SD+) 6 New 2490
All India MEGA 1 New 1890 1690
All India MEGA 3 Existing 2390 2190
All India MEGA 6 Existing 3090 2890
All India Pick Ur Pack 1 New 1715
Upgrades SD to SD+ New 499
Upgrades SD to HD Existing 999

Sun Direct – South India’s Preferred DTH Service Provider

sun-direct-dth-services-in-indiaSun Direct is the south India’s preferred DTH services provider compared to others.

The following are the reasons why Sun Direct stays as the most preferred DTH Service in south India:

While driving down the National Highways in remote places, have you noticed the houses proudly showing off the Sun Direct dish? Sun Direct has reached even the most remote village in South India. The main reason for its reach is that unlike other brands Sun Direct is affordable for everyone.

Range of Channels:
People customize the packages according to their needs. Sun Direct is a pioneer in South India for its attractive south regional language packages. Sun Direct also offers many value additions for every pack that it offers. Sun Direct also multi room connection offers. Please visit the website to know about the packages.

Sun Direct Mobile App:
The My Sun Direct App is an exclusive Mobile app for Sun Direct subscribers. My Sun Direct Mobile app is the most user friendly app for Recharge, Customer care, add-ons, changing Packages etc. We already have 100,000 downloads in the app.

Customer Friendly:
Customers will want to talk to you if they believe you can solve their problems. We have a 24/7 customer service all over India. We constantly add and remove channels based on the Customer requirements and feedbacks.

To know more about our offers and updates, please follow us on Sun Direct Facebook and Sun Direct Twitter.